Barak House Luxury Residence – Ramat HaSharon, Tel Aviv, Israel by Pitsou Kedem Architects

A cultured amphitheater of space and volume, the Barak House is a luxury residence generously proportioned with facades of concrete walls and glass curtain windows overlying a courtyard of living area that overlaps the boundaries of interior and exterior living.

The striking 4,843 sq. ft. formal luxury residence provides a feeling of space that is constantly enveloped by natural light and the greenery of the trees in the courtyard. The massive concrete mass of the home is flooded with natural light with widely open geometry overlooking the private courtyard and a glistening swimming pool that seems as if it extends into the structure.

This private luxury residence was built between two central courtyards and purposely designed to flow within the topography of its surrounding to create both intimate privacy and a natural sensation of transparency and awareness with its environment. The innovative modern geometric architecture of this Barak House offers inspirational simplicity in both form and function with linear elements that define open and spacious luxury modernistic living.0B25INYEsuiJJa2JzTzg4Mi05N3M 0B25INYEsuiJJaThRTDgydFl6Qlk 0B25INYEsuiJJay1UdUVvaDhXZDg 0B25INYEsuiJJbE5lMFRkc2NvOUk 0B25INYEsuiJJblc0WDZBTWRXT00 0B25INYEsuiJJbVNUbHh6TTBDUnM 0B25INYEsuiJJbzZaaUU5UEFrclU 0B25INYEsuiJJcl9GRmlPdU1xUEE 0B25INYEsuiJJcmIzWWQ4N2tpd1E 0B25INYEsuiJJcTFHTXdDeUM4d0E 0B25INYEsuiJJdUx1R2JBRWtJcDQ 0B25INYEsuiJJLTlvUVRna1lnLWs 0B25INYEsuiJJMFhrQy1tTUFKWVU 0B25INYEsuiJJN21ZLWJSS0Y5Ymc 0B25INYEsuiJJNjhJQTRKRFRIVU0 0B25INYEsuiJJQzBncTJsSDJ6X2c 0B25INYEsuiJJT2o4UzVEM09WZFU 0B25INYEsuiJJTS1sVzYtbnFkeEE 0B25INYEsuiJJTUdzNjMwVzlLMlE 0B25INYEsuiJJU2lBeEF6TlYyck0 0B25INYEsuiJJUnFiT1JTSTdBWTQ 0B25INYEsuiJJUnJDNlc1UkdjbFk 0B25INYEsuiJJUVRuVVplN2c5M00 0B25INYEsuiJJV2pjbVB5ZlBmNjg 0B25INYEsuiJJVHowX0lYZV9yQnM 0B25INYEsuiJJWEhEekJ1SlRSS28 0B25INYEsuiJJWnVxS0tNaERfNk0 0B25INYEsuiJJZ0M5cXgwczhCdG8 0B25INYEsuiJJZmFEQWZ3SFI3bEU0B25INYEsuiJJVHowX0lYZV9yQnM


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