House H3 by Vincent Coste Architect


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Residential house, Rehabilitation

Localisation: Saint-Tropez, France

Year: 2012

Size: 300 m²

Architects : Vincent Coste

Chef de Projet : Estelle Hondier

H3 villa-contemporaine-st-tropez-Vicent-Coste-01
© Florent Joliot
H3 villa-contemporaine-st-tropez-Vicent-Coste-02
© Florent Joliot
H3 villa-contemporaine-st-tropez-Vicent-Coste-03
© Florent Joliot
H3 villa-contemporaine-st-tropez-Vicent-Coste-04
© Florent Joliot
H3 villa-contemporaine-st-tropez-Vicent-Coste-05
© Florent Joliot
H3 villa-contemporaine-st-tropez-Vicent-Coste-06
© Florent Joliot
H3 villa-contemporaine-st-tropez-Vicent-Coste-07
© Florent Joliot
H3 villa-contemporaine-st-tropez-Vicent-Coste-08
© Florent Joliot
H3 villa-contemporaine-st-tropez-Vicent-Coste-09
© Florent Joliot
H3 villa-contemporaine-st-tropez-Vicent-Coste-10
© Florent Joliot
H3 villa-contemporaine-st-tropez-Vicent-Coste-11
© Florent Joliot
H3 villa-contemporaine-st-tropez-Vicent-Coste-12
© Florent Joliot
H3 villa-contemporaine-st-tropez-Vicent-Coste-13
© Florent Joliot
H3 villa-contemporaine-st-tropez-Vicent-Coste-14
© Florent Joliot
H3 villa-contemporaine-st-tropez-Vicent-Coste-15
© Florent Joliot
H3 villa-contemporaine-st-tropez-Vicent-Coste-16
© Florent Joliot

All images courtesy of Vincent Coste

Vincent Coste


Vincent Coste opened his architectural agency in his home town of St. Tropez in 2000, after collaborating with Rem Koolhaas in Rotterdam and Oscar Tusquets in Barcelona.

His approach, based on his solid architectural background, is strongly linked to a Mediterranean context : climate, culture, history.  Every architectural design he creates takes into consideration the physical boundaries of a home, relative to its surroundings, making each project totally unique. Thanks to Vincent’s own interest in interior design, he extends his vision with those activities closely related to his work.  He is able to offer a global life scenario through architecture, interior design and furniture conception.

In this way the agency has attracted the most dynamic and talented people who can master complementary techniques for design and representation (3D design, image processing, 3D prototyping). It has the most sophisticated in-house equipment, with a continuously updated materials library and a solid reference library.  In addition, it relies on an effective network of specialists to assist with specific requirements for each client.  The agency consists of crossover specialists (three DPLG architects, a designer from Ecole Boulle, an interior designer, and an executive assistant) who facilitate creativity and architectural design in all its interconnected fields : architecture, interior design, furniture, environmental and urban construction.


32 impasse des Conquettes 83990 Saint-Tropez ▪ +33 4 98 12 65 33


Vincent Coste

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