GLASS HOUSE Designed by: Nico van der Meulen

Location: Senderwood, Johannesburg, South Africa
Residence size: 2068 m²

Nico-van-der-Meulen-glass-house-12Description by Nico van der Meulen 

Design description:
The owners of this custom designed glass and concrete home have four children, and requested a contemporary mansion making provision for an informal lifestyle on a grand scale.

The brief included a small formal lounge cum tete-a -tete space, a large open plan family room, a dining room for 20 guests, basement parking for 14 cars and a playroom for the children next to the kitchen. The brief  also included a breakfast room, lanai, bar, indoor and outdoor pool, a splash pool for the children, gymnasium, a kitchen with a pantry , walk-in cold rooms, billiards room, home theatre, six suites and a staff cottage.

Nico van der Meulen Architects presented an architectural design in a horseshoe shape around a central water feature.

The frameless glass folding doors start at the dining room and stretch for approximately 70m around the dining room, atrium, family room, lanai, water feature and gym.

The family room is a partially double volume space, flowing seamlessly into the lanai and heated indoor pool.

The staircase floats over a pond that is solar heated in winter, together the indoor pool and heat storage tanks keep the home at a constant 24°C throughout winter.

In the background, a circular raised glass water feature is framed by a two storey high beam which obviates the need for corner columns at the main suite.


The interior design by M Square Lifestyle Design was inspired from boutique hotels across the world, as the mansion had to have a glamorous feel.

M Square Lifestyle Necessities supplied furniture that was innovatively kept low so that there was no obstruction.   Amongst the furniture used were B&B Italia, Molteni & C, and Roda.

Visit the website of Nico Van Der Meulen Architects

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