Project : House Hafner

Collaborators : Peter Thomas Hornung & Elsa Katharina Jacobi

Location : Büschelhof, Germany

Year : 2011/2012

Type : Residential

Size : 180qm

Description by architecte :

The site of “House Hafner” is located in the countryside next to forest in Southem Germany. Situated at the end a blind alley to benefit from the views of the woodsand valley. A very high level of privacy is provided by the natural protection of the environment, which makes an open living configuration possible.

The slight remodeling of the topography with a given height difference of three meters inspired the choreography and orientation of the building.

The residential building is designed for a couple with an independent area for guests and is divided into two parts : one introverted area, articulated by an arrangement of smaller openings following the surrounding typology of the neighborhood; its counterpart is an extroverted zone facing the forest and the beautiful view of the valley.

The exterior space is interpreted as an extension of the open living area.

The abstracted shape of the gabled roof draws an analogy to nthe surrounding roof typologies, which is common in Southem Germany. The transformation to an open cubic design made a maximum size of openings possible, as well as the visual merging of living and nature.



wHafner-EXT-05-1600x1000 (1)




HORNUNG AND JACOBI ARCHITECTURE is an Architecture and Research Studio based in Hamburg, Germany. Common ground throughout our projects, irrespective of it´s size or program, is their progressive relationship with the context. Thus we understand the environment, the program and people interacting with our design as part of the context, which leads to innovative, sensitive and unique proposals.
Our projects are drawing attention to the constant change and evolution of our life. We trust in the potential to create an environment, which integrates other disciplines and thus other specialists to disclose unexpected qualities. In line with our corporate philosophy we enjoy testing new ideas, which might initially appear utopian, but never lack pragmatism to actually realize them.
This approach relates to our fascination of big building projects as much as to small-scale projects. Our declared aim is to achieve highest possible quality, excellent detailing and the creation of an integrated strategy involving the individual needs of the user, regardless of the budget. We believe it is through exchange and research of our surroundings that enable us to unfold diverse aspects of our ‘lebensraum’ to come.

HORNUNG AND JACOBI ARCHITECTURE was established in 2012 by PETER THOMAS HORNUNG AND ELSA KATHARINA JACOBI. Both benefit from a high profile education and working experience in internationally well-known offices.


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