Villa F by Peter Thomas Hornung, Elsa Katharina Jacobi, Jan Escher architects


Project: Villa F
Architects : Peter Thomas Hornung, Elsa Katharina Jacobi, Jan Escher
Location: Rhodes, Greece
Year: 2011-undisclosed
Type: residential
Size: 220qm

The site of the holiday home in Rhodes/Greece yet possess characteristics and outstanding qualities, which we only attempted to frame with our design.

The site is located three meters above a coastal road, which is bordered by a natural stonewall that has been equally continued for our proposal. On the one hand the continuation of the found wall generates a high level of privacy, while on the other hand it relates to the given situation, which we were tempted to preserve as much as possible. The holiday home was designed for a couple. They wished a separate area for guests, which we mostly embedded in the given topography by integrating the shady tree population and without generating an equally visible volume.
At first sight the typology of the building seems to be strange compared with the context. However this first impression will be refuted by the choreography of the building, which is precisely orientated at the context. While from a formal point of view the building relates to the found eroded rocks and washed away shoreline, the entrance was generated by an interruption in the continuous natural stonewall, which leads one at first „under“ the site. Skylights show the path up to the main living area. The generated twist focuses our sight towards the ocean, whereas the surrounding walls only serve as a frame of the context. Thus a spatial division of the different uses was avoided where possible, as well as a differentiation of interior- and exterior spaces. Most important was to prevent a limitation of the magnificent view.
The challenge in this design lies in construction and the involved climate technology. The construction of the building above ground is planned as a prefabricated timber structure finished with white plaster,  which generates an abstract link to traditional old buildings close to that site. The lightweight construction was chosen because it will be mainly used for spontaneous short-term visits. Massive building parts were avoided  to reach a quick cool down. Through a mechanically controlled opening in the roof a well-known chimney effect will be activated, which starts at the massive base plate in the garage from where integrated cable ducts lead cooled air.

Peter Thomas Hornung, Elsa Katharina Jacobi, Jan Escher

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HORNUNG AND JACOBI ARCHITECTURE is an Architecture and Research Studio based in Hamburg, Germany. Common ground throughout our projects, irrespective of it´s size or program, is their progressive relationship with the context. Thus we understand the environment, the program and people interacting with our design as part of the context, which leads to innovative, sensitive and unique proposals.
Our projects are drawing attention to the constant change and evolution of our life. We trust in the potential to create an environment, which integrates other disciplines and thus other specialists to disclose unexpected qualities. In line with our corporate philosophy we enjoy testing new ideas, which might initially appear utopian, but never lack pragmatism to actually realize them.
This approach relates to our fascination of big building projects as much as to small-scale projects. Our declared aim is to achieve highest possible quality, excellent detailing and the creation of an integrated strategy involving the individual needs of the user, regardless of the budget. We believe it is through exchange and research of our surroundings that enable us to unfold diverse aspects of our ‘lebensraum’ to come.

HORNUNG AND JACOBI ARCHITECTURE was established in 2012 by PETER THOMAS HORNUNG AND ELSA KATHARINA JACOBI. Both benefit from a high profile education and working experience in internationally well-known offices.


Peter Thomas Hornung studied Architecture at the University of Applied Sciences in Stuttgart / Germany, as well as at the University of Technology in Delft / the Netherlands, where he did his bachelor thesis. For his master thesis in 2007 he recieved a distinction and was nominated for the national Walter-Henn-Förderpreis.
Peter Thomas Hornung has wide experience in internationally renowned architecture offices, including Zaha Hadid Architects (London), Wenzel + Wenzel (Stuttgart / Abu Dhabi) and Harry Seidler & Associates (Sydney). At Zaha Hadid Architects he worked as a professional from 2009 – 2011 for the Learning And Library Centre in Vienna, Austria, which will be completed in 2013.


Elsa Katharina Jacobi studied Architecture at the University of Applied Sciences in Stuttgart / Germany, as well as in Rhode Island School of Design / USA. In 2006 she has been awarded for her final thesis – the extension of the Asplund Library in Stockholm / Sweden. In 2007 she has been selected for the prestigious scholarship by DAAD to do a MA Design Studio at the renowned Central Saint Martin’s College of Art and Design in London. Her final thesis “Identialism” has been awarded and exhibited at the Shoreditch Townhall in London, 2008.
Elsa Katharina Jacobi has wide experience in internationally renowned architecture offices, including Zaha Hadid Architects (London), MYAA (London), Wulf&Partner (Stuttgart) and Dale Jones Evans Architecture (Sydney).
In 2010 she has been invited as a Guest Critic to the Architectural Association in London to speak about the phenomenon ‘Heterotopia’ with the students by the Intermediate Unit 13, led by Miraj Ahmed and Martin Jameson.
Since 2012 she is teaching as an Assistant Professor at the ‘Universität der Künste’ in Berlin. This change of perspective keeps the dialogue in our studio fresh, enriches our research and supports our search for unconventional solutions.

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