Location: San Francisco,

USA  Architect: Mark Dziewulski Architect  Area: 1,200 sf  Year: 2011

Lakeside Studio by Mark Dziewulski Architect05

House overlooking the American River

The house is a combination of flexible living space, art studio and gallery. It provides a tranquil and sheltered environment from which to enjoy a rich natural landscape.

The relationship between the natural environment and the house is central to the design. The sculptural form curves to take advantage of spectacular river views.

Uninterrupted glass walls open the room up to the landscape and the boundaries between exterior and interior are blurred. The occupant feels fully immersed in a benign landscape; the effect is contemplative and peaceful. Sunlight reflecting off the water dapples the ceiling with dancing patterns, constantly changing with the progress of day.

“…an exuberant jewel in the landscape, a radical, architectonic form,…in the manner of Cubist inspired buildings like Le Corbusier’s Chapel at Ronchamp.”

The New York Times

“… a method of composition inspired by abstract painting and sculpture.”

The Times, London

“… a superb work of art… a spectacular work of architecture, beautifully crafted, sensitively located and a celebration of the interaction of interior and exterior space.”

Architect’s Journal, UK

“… a marvel of complexity…it is like a finely wrought, three dimensional composition.”

Interior Design Magazine, USA

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