Bohemian Lifestyle Hotel by Lambs and Lions- Casa Cook Rhodes


Overall Casa Cook brand concept developed by Lambs and Lions.

Interior & Experience concept  by Michael Schickinger.

Interior design and Styling by Michael Schickinger  and Annabell Kutucu in collaboration with Rhodes based architect Vana Pernari.
Artdirection Branding Stefan Grüner / Lambs and Lions


Photography by Georg Roske

thumb2_8d23ef31-f0f9-46aa-ac2c-afaf5fc4115e-log1 Artdirection by Michael Schickinger 

Based in Berlin, he is the founder & creative director of Lambs & Lions, a multidisciplinary design agency, developing ideas and a vision to create holistic concepts for premium and luxury products and experiences. With a human centric and integrated approach, Michael takes responsibility from an initial idea to driving the project and teams for the final goals. His services combine creative direction, brand identity, product design, interior architecture and design, and supervision of property development.

With more than 20 years experience in the lifestyle and hospitality industry, he is the creative director of Design Hotels™ for over ten years. Since he started his own business with Lambs and Lions in 2009, he has been crucially involved in many strategic branding exercises, focusing mainly on various film and photo projects with his signature style for clients such as Kuoni Travel AG and Helvetic Tours, and Thomas Cook. His passion for the niche hospitality industry continued in projects like San Giorgio Hotel Mykonos and Scorpios Mykonos.

Services provided: Creative Concept, Interior Concept & Design Interior Styling, F&B Concept, Guest Experience Concept, Brand Identity, Strategy & Positioning, Website Design & Production, Printed Collateral, Hotel Collateral. Signage & Wayfinding, Uniform, Creative Direction Photography

CONTACT thumb2_f5e2b100-aeb4-4925-b243-656d12b88580-log1






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