Masseria Moroseta by Andrew Trotter Studio

Ostuni / Italie / 2016

Masseria Moroseta: a white stone farmhouse standing proudly on the ridge with views across the olive trees to the sea.


Built using traditional techniques and local materials, the modern architecture is influenced by masserie (farmhouses) of the past. Set in five hectares of olive groves with trees up to 500 years old, Masseria Moroseta is an enclave of pared-down relaxation and rural simplicity.

As in a traditional farmhouse, everything is set around the central courtyard: the salon and veranda with their views to the sea, the staircase to the roof terrace, and the six rooms and suites on either side, half with private gardens, the other half with private terraces looking out across the fields.

Vaulted ceilings and stone floors keep the inside cool on even the hottest days. The communal spaces encourage the kinship of community, while providing many intimate nooks for moments of simple solitude, both inside and out, including the living room, the veranda with its outdoor kitchen and bbq, the spa and gym, and the large pool. Leaving out the marks of time, Masseria Moroseta connects us with the past in a peaceful environment, and grounds us in the traditions of the Puglia countryside.

The Region

The masseria is set in the heart of the Puglia countryside with views to Ostuni, only 3 km away, and to the sea. Beautiful beaches are within easy reach, with Torre Guacetto just 12 km away. The historic towns of Cisternino, Alberobello, Martina Franca, Lecce, and the stunning Polignano al Mare are all within short driving distance. Puglia is just as famous for its cuisine of vegetables as it is for wonderful fresh seafood. We can arrange your restaurant bookings, coordinate visits to local workshops, and offer any help required to organise your days.

The rooms

The guest rooms each have a cooling stone floor and walls, and are outfitted with a kingsized bed and luxury linens for a natural yet sophisticated living experience. There are three styles of room, each with a private garden or private terrace with views across the fields. Rooms 1 is 24 square meters with a king-sized bed, bathroom with shower, large private garden, and a stone sofa where you can relax and read. Rooms 2 is 30 square meters with a king-sized bed, bathroom with shower, and two private gardens.

Suite 3 is 45 square meters with a king-sized bed, bathroom with double shower, a private living space with chimney, and a sofa bed for a child or third person. This room has a large private garden with a stone sofa, and a two-hundred year-old olive tree.

Suite 4 is 45 square meters with a king-sized bed, bathroom with double shower, a private living space with chimney, and a sofa bed for a child or third person. This room has 2 private terraces with a stone sofa, and a two hundred year old olive tree.

Rooms 5 is 30 square meters with a king-sized bed, bathroom with shower, and a private terrace. Rooms 6 is 24 square meters with a king-sized bed, bathroom with shower, and a private terrace with a two-hundred year-old olive tree.

The Farm

The masseria embraces the Mediterranean-Puglia diet, not just as a culinary mode but as a lifestyle: the food, the social interaction, the rituals, the right kind of exercise, being outside
in the fresh air and sunshine. Whatever we don’t make or grow ourselves we buy locally from artisan producers. In the morning you will enjoy eggs from our chickens, bread with our stone-pressed olive oil, and jams we prepared in the winter time. Join us for dinner at our communal table to taste organic vegetables grown on our land, with locally raised meats, and fish taken each morning from the sea. We have a 200 year-old stone oven, perfect for roasting.

Our well provides a constant stream of fresh water and our chef Carmen selects from over 40 types of fruit and vegetables grown here to prepare a delicious menu of healthy, fresh, slow food for us to enjoy together.

In October you can experience the olive harvest at Masseria Moroseta. Join us to understand more about the trees, the traditional methods of growing, and to visit the local cold press.

The Architecture

Masseria Moroseta was designed by Andrew Trotter over a three year process to delve into
the heart of Pugliese traditions of construction and building. Owner, Carlo Lanzini, wanted a modern building that wouldn’t feel out of place amongst the olive trees. A study was made
of masserie in the area and their comparison to modern, minimal architecture in simplicity and the use of local materials. The end result is a piece of modern architecture that fits perfectly into the region and belongs to the ground that it sits upon. This is a modern day farm grounded in history.

The masseria entrance is the only opening in the frontal wall, a stronghold toward “the enemies”, that gives no suggestion as to what is beyond. Once inside, the masseria is built around the courtyard. There are three rooms on either side which, in the old days, would have been the stables. The living quarters are in front, divided by a central staircase to the roof. As you approach the large windowed entrance to the living room, you glimpse on the left your first sights of the olive trees, pool and the sea beyond.

Traditional use of the local sandstone tufo has been utilised throughout. Each room has a vaulted ceiling and 80 cm thick walls to keep the building cool, even when it is 40ºC outside.

The rooms to the left have high-walled private gardens filled with orange trees, while the rooms to the right have private terraces with views across the olive grove.

Dry stone walls elevate the building to catch the breeze and more of the view to the sea, while creating space below to hold the spa, gym and services. All stones were recycled from the land during the excavation of the building.

Architect :

thumb2_3022b3cd-bf73-4f44-95c9-7c5259d747e8Andrew Trotter studied interior design in Australia between 1990 – 1994. On his return to the UK, after a short period working for Alessi and London Lighting, he joined Anouska Hemple Designs, working under Russell Jones. Moving into fashion, he worked for many years with Yohji Yamamoto, the Michiko Koshino, and Bless. Andrew started Openhouse first as a design store in Barcelona in 2010, then together with Mari Luz Vidal, he started opening their house as a gallery of contemporary photography. Openhouse Magazine started in 2014, looking at creative people from around the world who open their homes and private places to the public. The magazine is published twice a year and sold in over 600 stores around the world. Andrew is also creative director of the skincare brand Alex Carro, and also leads creative direction to many brand shootings.

In 2012 he was asked to design a new building to become the hotel, Masseria Moroseta, which opened in 2016. This is his first piece of architecture, and sine then he has started two more architectural projects, and designs lighting and furniture.




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