House in olive grove by Luca Zanaroli

Casa nel bosco degli ulivi / Morciano di Leuca / 2011

e1_mg_9478The house in olive grove shows the original architectural concept in all its features. To place a new building in such kind of landscape, studded with centuries-old olive trees, has represented the pivot of the planning, focused on a minimal impact on the contest: for this reason no tree has been explanted or moved to build the house.

The insertion in the landscape has been moderated also working on volumes and materials. In this way different spaces of the house has been separated and reassembled so that articulation obtained among masses results optimal and minimal. The use of stones extracted during the excavation as covering walls gives the building a natural and integrated appearance compared to typical countryside constructions, and the choice of using natural materials, as wood or Cursi stones used for the outdoor flooring, has contributed to realize a modern architecture able to match with the contest.

Wide openings characterize external walls: they are essential for obtaining a continuous relationship between indoor spaces and nature, to enjoy the beautiful surroundings still untouched.

Photos by Chiara Cadeddu


Luca Zanaroli
lead architect

thumb2_6333a7e4-311b-4458-9c5b-525f5d8106b9Luca Zanaroli was born in Bologna in 1965. After his graduation in Architecture at the University of Florence he worked from 1994 to 2003 as manager of the Area of Planning and Territorial Management in different municipalities near Bologna.
In 2004 he has opened his own design firm and deals with urban development planning and architectural design since then.
He works for both public and private clients in fields of:
“urban development planning”, through masterplans and urban scale designs for new commercial and residential settlements;
“architectural design” of public and private use;
“restoration and renovation” of existing or listed buildings;
“interior design” and “street furniture”.


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