The Old Hall, Suffolk by Nash Baker Architects

A complex restoration project involving a 16th Century oak-framed hall

Orford, Royaume-Uni, 2007

b_730_e6d2808d-9f9b-4bd8-b6b0-71059a534072The Old Hall in Suffolk is a complex restoration project involving a 16th Century oak-framed hall house with many later alterations and additions. Originally constructed in the 16th Century for a local merchant, this historic hall house was converted into several cottages around 1800. Unsympathetic alterations and extension during the 1960s and 1970s have been reversed or remodeled to re-unite the building as a single house.

The scheme blends crisp contemporary design and living with the charm and irregularity of the original medieval timber frame structure. The job involved a full architectural and interior design service. The Old Hall project also received a RIBA Craftsmanship Award.

b_730_3bfc533a-f0dd-448e-b147-be8c675044c4b_730_25abaa6b-9f7c-41cd-a94a-c5efc594ca99b_730_80c45842-192c-4420-8c1b-5ebede6e0e56b_730_2346dcf1-4d82-472a-b672-f52f7422ab29b_730_b1fd1f31-91aa-4a2d-8736-76414e56262ab_730_cc2bf1d1-6fbd-4e68-92e3-40667ac5a538b_730_e6d2808d-9f9b-4bd8-b6b0-71059a534072b_730_5c78e93f-8b94-4f20-8108-2f7b6b6ad2a4Type:  Residential
Location:  Suffolk, Orford
Council:  Suffolk Coastal District Council
Size:  3,000 sq/feet
Service:  Full Architectural Service
Interior Designer:  Beauval Interiors llp
Dates:  2005-2007

Photographs: Lawrence Garwood


Established in 1978, Nash Baker Architects has a long experience dealing with London’s unique challenges, creating a wide range of solutions to suit unique contexts and our client’s needs. Being based in West London we are passionate about the city, and interested in the architectural complexities associated with it. However we are not exclusively London focused and we enjoy solving design challenges wherever they may be.

We believe the built environment is an important part of our heritage and value the influence it has on our daily lives. However, we also recognise that it has a huge impact on the natural environment, which must also be treasured. As architects, we are interested in finding solutions to minimise the environmental impact of our work whilst producing high quality design.

We take a pragmatic and long-term view on sustainable issues and do not encourage the use of green technology in a bolt-on way or afterthought. Instead, we like to take a holistic view to sustainable design; where the whole project is considered from the outset.

Most of all we enjoy working with people. We believe that great design stems from an understanding of our clients; their aims, dreams and ambitions – their ‘brief’. And, it is through constant dialogue and feedback from our client’s and other professionals that the most innovative solutions are achieved. Our projects have been successful when the clients’ brief, the history and nature of a site come together to inform the design at every level.


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