Rosen Penthouse by Eleven-Studio

Bordighera, Italie – jun 201526985e_64191d9f15454a68b0c4179c6e5da1c7The renovation of this 80-sqm-apartment located on the last floor of a traditional early ‘900 English villa has used a very linear design as a frame for an eclectic mix of modern, ancient and ethnic details.

 The designers found a space that had been strongly transformed during the last renovation made in the 80’s. Revisiting the stylistic choices made in order to lighten and de-materialize the existing structure, they tried to create back a dialogue with the traditional architecture.

The massive wood stair has been replaced by a very linear white resin structure which gives back fluidity to the space, connecting the ground floor to the first floor and creating a much more dynamic space.

The floor of the wide common area has been entirely covered with a strong texture parquet while the room is marked by light play which incorporates the kitchen while subdividing functional areas.

 Some ethnic details, remembering the origin of the owner, create colorful touches while the old iron heaters strengthen the personality of this penthouse.

The arrangement of lights, mirrors and furnitures also permits to enjoy the wonderful view on the coast from every position in the apartment.

 Finally the first floor is characterized by very intimate and warm rooms. The bathroom more precisely has been completely realized with very dark colors while the led lighting follows the emotional feature that has led this entire project.


ELEVENSTUDIO is a young and innovatory architecture practice, born from the collaboration of multi-disciplinary talents, passions and backgrounds, having in common the will of making design a synthesis of aesthetical excellence, functionality and environmental sustainability.


13, rue notre dame de Lorete

98000 Monaco

+39 320.0683572 

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