Casa Farfalla by Michel Boucquillon

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At the inauguration of the Carrara Marble Week, Michel Boucquillon wins the International Architecture Award “STONE EXPO AWARD 2015”, a special edition of MAA – award/observatory for the best works of architecture in the world, in which the use of natural stone are of special relevance formal or technical.
The International Jury selected three winning projects. The 2015 winners are:
CASA BOUCQUILLON, Lucca , Italy – Architect Michel Boucquillon & Donia Maaoui
FREEDOM TOWER WORLD TRADE CENTER, New York, US – Architect Skidmore & Owings and Merril
LONDON BRIDGE TOWER , London, UK– Architect Renzo Piano
The “Villa Boucquillon”, the guest house and the Pool are real jewels of contemporary architecture
and technology immersed in the Tuscan nature.
Both buildings, made of Carrara Marble, are clinging on a hill of white marble like the one of Carrara located nearby.288_big
“Casa Boucquillon” : La Villa Farfalla


This extraordinary VILLA is located Tuscany in the first hills around Lucca. This dream place is a laboratory, a place of experimentation and meditation for the owners, Michel Boucquillon & Donia Maaoui, both architects, artist and designer for the most famous Italian Companies.The panoramic view from the Villa is extraordinary. You can perceive the entire city of Lucca and its walls. The property consists of 10 hectares of olive groves and woods located on the nearest Lucca hills, 200 meters above the city, just at 10 minutes. An helicopter landing area is also available.

The Villa, the guest house and the Pool are real jewels of contemporary architecture and
technology immersed in the Tuscan nature.
Both buildings are clinging on a hill of white marble like the one of Carrara located nearby.
The Architecture of the two properties is very bright and transparent. It is thought in total harmony with nature which is omnipresent. Another feature, the iron shutters that shade in summer and catch the light deeply in winter.

Sculptures from the wife Donia Maaoui are exposed inside and outside both properties.
The interior is organized around a spectacular staircase represented as a red dazzling evening dress. Rock of white marble is present in the house and appears on the three floors. Architecture, furniture, lamps, sculptures, almost everything has been conceived, designed and custom made for the villa by their owners.
The villa is available for some weeks renting in summer for very exclusive guests.The Hydraulic roof
The two wings of the roof of the villa open at a 30 ° angle like the wings of a butterfly. The two wings totaling 110 square meters open with 6 hydraulic pistons. This is the first house in the world with a hydraulic roof. This allows natural ventilation to cool the house and brings to the villa a very unique magic sensation of literally sleeping under the stars.Ecological Architecture
The villa has been awarded one of the most ecological and exceptional homes in Italy by TV
channel “National Geographic” on the show “Case piu verde d’Italia” on: pool
The pool is overflowing, it has an area of 70 square meters, is 26 meters long and has a depth of 1.20 meters . It includes an area of 16 meters in length for swimming, another larger area for playing and an hydro massage area. At any point in the pool, as well as from its terrace you can enjoy a breathtaking view of the city of Lucca.



Michel Boucquillon Architect

Design Wokshop Italy
Via del Campaccio 644
55100 LUCCA – Pozzuolo  ITALY
Tel +39 0583 540 360

Michel Boucquillon is born in Belgium in 1962 from a Belgian father and German mother. He was graduated in Architecture at Saint-Luc in Brussels in 1986. Then worked for two years in Florence. In 1988, aged 26, he won the Architectural competition of the CHAMBER OF EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT in Brussels which signed the beginning of his Architectural and design career. For this building, he will draw also the furniture, door handles and lamps which where edited by VALLI & VALLI, TECHNOLUX and TECNO.

In ‘2000, he opened a second workshop dedicated to Industrial Design products and experimental Architecture in Lucca – Tuscany in his “CASA BOUCQUILLON” where he lives with his wife DONIA MAAOUI and their two daughters.

A place of exploration, meditation, live and work. This extremely experimental house and office, is the first house in the world with a completely Butterfly opened roof, it has been qualified by National Geographic as one of the greenest house of Italy. Michel actually works for the world most famous international Design companies and exclusive Clients in Architecture.

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