La Granja Ibiza A new kind of Design Hotels™ Project

Interior Design Armin Fischer / Dreimeta

La Granja Ibizad52c692a-4378-4e92-b2c2-91d97c1331e7“Old, ridged terraces have been reborn, now revealing a seeded curation of the land – surrounded by trees of citrus, apple, nectarine, fig, and almond – the basis for the restaurant concept “farm to plate”.
We embraced the heritage of the farmhouse and its inherent connection to the land, while honoring rustic simplicity, growth and decay, modesty and intransigence. In such, the transformation of La Granja is as much a conservation as a renovation.”la-granja-ibiza-guesthouse-m-02-x2-1



In designing the property, which includes the nine-guestroom farmhouse, a freestanding, two-bedroom guesthouse, a pool, and kitchen, Armin Fischer of Dreimeta design studio embraced both the heritage of the farmhouse and its inherent connection to the land, while honoring rustic simplicity, growth and decay, modesty and speaking, Armin Fischer drew inspiration from the Japanese principles of wabi-sabi when converting the centuries-old stone farmhouse that anchors the property. In such, the transformation of La Granja is as much a “conservation” as a “renovation”. 909169af-18d7-4da4-b144-e028e7ae9de8



Converting the once-private residence, which bears Iberian and Moorish influences, was more of an act of preservation than one of transformation—one that highlights the untamed beauty of time and weatherworn imperfections, imbuing the space with an aching elegance. At its design core, La Granja presents an undying loyalty to craftsmanship and artisanship.10017343-b99c-467b-bf38-a298432bf772la-granja-ibiza-suite-m-02-x2-2051_ds_lagranja_jpg_593_north_700x_white

For guests, the most appealing aspect of the design of La Granja is the simplicity of the layout, finishes, and furnishings—reflecting its comfort and its ease of use. The concept focuses on the idea of “back to basics,” eliminating the non-essential and concentrating on natural elements and the beauty of imperfections.044_ds_lagranja_jpg_5205_north_700x_whited24f91e7-80cc-4b3a-9e20-8f0ca99c23558ec340b9-ce18-406b-8f9e-f26570afed040cfb6c5e-8493-4c40-867e-53c41da08b6e2b4452dc-a402-44a6-95ce-117517ea42298d741cf9-52c6-4880-b7ef-475738499bd3




Dreimeta was founded by Armin Fischer. His team of creative minds works on international projects and on local or regional tasks alike. Dreimeta’s aim is to create rooms with their own identity and character. Our approach: to add an emotional appeal to the room – with interior design that tells tales and touches your senses. But we are no dreamers. Functionality is always part of our concept and sometimes leads to unexpected design solutions.

Most of our tasks originate from the hotel and gastronomy industry or shop/office design concepts. Time and again we take on work for private clients. The Dreimeta network is interdisciplinary; depending on our task, we call in further specialists to work with us in mutual collaboration. A cross-over of architects, interior designers, gastronomes, designers, marketing experts and psychologists bring the necessary input for individual solutions with a different outcome each time. Our promise: we use our ideas for a courageous interpretation and fortification of our client’s identity and philosophy.


Armin Fischer
Ernst-Reuter-Platz 10
86150 Augsburg

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