Interior Design / Styling & Experience Concept by Annabell Kutucu & Michael Schickinger Photography by Steve Herudd33bef14596331-562866ff66710A unique extended stay apartment in the heart of Berlin. The accommodation offers a private, comfortable space totaling 150m² with three bedrooms. The eclectic design is an homage to Berlin and its creative diversity.1ca40414596331-562868017bd462cfae114596331-56286801e4c2a75f8c714596331-5628674fc7878454f7614596331-5628685c694a208040914596331-5628685cec571a76f2514596331-5628673bce598a4302d14596331-562866ffa733faa0f4b14596331-56286801b611df5726514596331-5628685caa6b6f31a5f14596331-562866ff860c3ee85f014596331-562866c7e2ccde1a94514596331-562866fed4687d3496514596331-562866c7b38b7d81bc614596331-5628685c67a52d53a5c14596331-5628673c299e8



Annabell Kutucu

A renowned Interior Designer and Stylist based in Berlin, she has been styling and decorating private luxury homes for more than 10 years. Since she set up her own business in 2010, with a focus on hospitality and private residences, she has raised great interest with her work of various international hospitality projects, like the Papaya Playa Project in Tulum, Mexiko, the San Giorgio Hotel Mykonos, Greece, both in collaboration with Design Hotels™, and the Nomads Apt. in Berlin, an alternative urban concept.


Berlin, Germany


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