Private Apartment Berlin

Interior Design by NOVONO – Nora von Nordenskjöld

Interior Styling by Annabell Kutucu

Photography by DONE STUDIO – Ulf Saupe


Innenarchitektin Nora v. Nordenskjˆld
18.05.2012/ Germany/ Berlin/ Gormannstr. 17b/ Innenarchitektin Nora v. Nordenskjˆld – entwirft das neue Restaurant im J¸dischen Museum. photo: David Heerde
Interior Design by NOVONO – Nora von Nordenskjöld

NOVONO founder and director Nora von Nordenskjöld develops eclectic, iconic works that explore a rich emotional continuum, from whimsical play to the darkly dramatic. Her creative output pays homage to heritage and history, draws upon the harmonious cycles and patterns inherent in nature, and defies boundaries of contemporary design. At the core of her process is a native German knack for technical precision and discipline, which she imbues with an exuberant, cosmopolitan spirit cultivated over 12 years living abroad on three different continents.

 She left home at an early age to stand on her own two feet, first landing in Mexico City (1997) and working as an architect’s assistant. The experience paved the road for her formal education in the field–studying Fine Arts at Maastricht University in the Netherlands (2001), then receiving a Master’s-level degree in Interior Architecture at Milan’s Istituto Europeo di Design (2004).

After graduating, Kokai Studios in Shainghai recruited Nora; here, under the mentorship of Filippo Gabbiani, she quickly became Head of Interior Design and assumed Associate Partnership. She spent five years under this rubric, spearheading numerous projects for an elite roster of Asian and European clients, including TBWA, Bund 18, and Vacheron Constantin. UNESCO awarded her development of HuaiHai Lu 796 with its Asia Pacific Heritage Award (2009). At this juncture, Nora chose to strike out once again, but this time in her home country and completely on her own terms.

 Now under the moniker of NOVONO and poised in the world’s current creative capital –Berlin–Nora’s environmental curation has already garnered a strong international reputation. With a gift for seamlessly blending both the science and poetry of design, she believes Le Corbusier’s edict that architecture is space and light and order. In all ventures, it is NOVONO’s unequivocal aim to manifest this vision.

Interior Styling by Annabell Kutucu

Annabell Kutucu

A renowned Interior Designer and Stylist based in Berlin, she has been styling and decorating private luxury homes for more than 10 years. Since she set up her own business in 2010, with a focus on hospitality and private residences, she has raised great interest with her work of various international hospitality projects, like the Papaya Playa Project in Tulum, Mexiko, the San Giorgio Hotel Mykonos, Greece, both in collaboration with Design Hotels™, and the Nomads Apt. in Berlin, an alternative urban concept.

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