Belgrade,Serbie, 2016/ Katarina & Igor’s Apartment


Private Apartment

area: 80sqm

year 2016

location: Belgrade, Serbia

photographs: Relja Ivanićb99214d1-7d48-4fc5-954e-fbe88d0f71c2We started working on the complete refurbishment of this apartment for a young couple in mid-2015. The apartment is located in the very center of Belgrade, in a building built in the sixties, typical of the Belgrade residential architecture of this period.

Baring in mind the wishes of investors who have a modern view on the organization of living space, we have created a completely clear, open and bright space. We have concentrated the activities into a dominant, central area, around which other contents continue to develop.

This space includes the living room, kitchen and dining room, followed by the study room which we separated with a glass partition. The sleeping area with the toilet and a bright bathroom is distinctly separated and overlooks the lush greenery in the inside of the block.

Treatment of floors and walls is reduced and clean – polished concrete floor and the authentic “avramenko” ceiling that was hiding under the suspended ceiling.

We have designed a number of pieces in the interior especially for this occasion – the kitchen block, shelves, lighting, benches, the bathroom block… Reflecting and implementing these custom made pieces is really a challenge for us. We approached the selection of materials and colors very carefully and combined the custom made furniture with repaired pieces of vintage furniture and contemporary design like the FLOS and Vertigo Bird lighting.

We like to work on private residential interiors and our goal is to make each of them tell a story about the user, which is a really challenging task.bdbc1e0e-9306-43bd-a4ed-0357f3abcbeccdd0ef1a-8778-4488-8cc7-4d9659b617e4007f696d-bb89-4876-8ba0-41e1dcbcdbc18ac21e1a-15ff-4c69-adce-0bc68ddfc33e97a2d380-53fb-4834-9bd3-bca7ffe3b4ac143beb0d-0481-40d1-9220-a0582f87043d1300b3e6-3f59-4699-8467-84ebc8adec37


autori.jpgWe are Belgrade based architectural practice founded in 2008 by Dijana Novaković (1983), Maja Trbović (1984), Aleksandra Nikitin (1983) and Dušan Nenadović (1982), after collaboration during the studies of architecture, all graduated from the Faculty of Architecture, University of Belgrade in 2009. Our studio focuses on various projects in the fields of architecture, interior and furniture design.


Vojvode Dragomira 29,
11000 Beograd,

+ 381646602642

web design & programing: APRIL Studio

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