Casa Meztitla by EDAA


Housing, Tepoztlán, Mexico, 2013

EDAA Scope: design, architectural development, construction
Area: 400 m2 (4,305 sqft)
Site area: 3,800 m2 (40,902 sqft)
Design team: Luis Arturo García, Jahir Villanueva, Juan Hernández, Hans Álvarez, Enrique Villalón, Antonio Rivas, Ana Rodríguez
Consultants: PBS Ingenieros, MS (structural engineering), MS (soil mechanics), Bimsa Reports (cost engineering), Descarga Cero (water management).
Photography: Yoshihiro Koitani, KUU Studio
Client: private

01-casa-meztitlaCasa Meztitla is an intervention of a natural scenario. It showcases the luxurious value of leisure, the tropical weather, the intense sunlight, the smells of nature, the over 500 year-old landscaped terraces and the ever-present rock mountain: El Tepozteco. It is context in itself. The house, built out of rough stone, crawls low under the trees, aligned with the vegetated-covered stone slopes. It is the creation of pure space within the natural space (Paz, O., 1987). It has an introverted living yet is continually open to its surroundings. Only two elements reveal its existence to the outside world: the colorful bougainvillea flowers showing randomly through the trees’ dense foliage, which mark the plot’s perimeter; and the massive and monolithic white box that emerges through the treetops.

The house´s theme is not about the program but the never ending relationship between indoors and outdoors: there is no way one can go from an area to another without walking through outdoor spaces; every area (except for services) is open to the exterior in a way that one can actually be out of the house by crossing any doors. The house works likes a series of rooms connected through diverse types of outdoor areas. At the end, the mild subtropical weather was used as an excuse for not building a house that closes to itself, but that continuously opens to the natural environment and hopefully, it will bond the house, its living and nature in a symbiotic relation.



EDAA, or Estrategias para el Desarrollo de Arquitectura (Strategies for the Development of Architecture), is a Mexico City based architecture office whose practice is focused on the production of contemporary architecture through diverse disciplines: architectural and graphic design, illustration, construction, commercial strategies and financial design.

It was founded as an independent practice by Luis Arturo García after several years of working in different architecture, landscape and urban design practices in Mexico and Canada.


Architect, design, architecture and construction director

Luis Arturo studied architecture at Tecnológico de Monterrey, Mexico City, where he was an assistant lecturer. He is a graduate student at 17, Institute of Critical Studies in the program Critical Theory and Aesthetic Thoughts. On 2015, was awarded First Prize in the National Academic Competition, XXI Alberto J. Pani, and received the Gold Medal in the Young Architects Bienal, Bienal de Jóvenes Arquitectos, Mexico (FCARM 2015). Besides his obsession to synthesize the client’s requirements with his ideas about architecture, he spends his time devising new possible projects, studying, and walking along the city´s streets with his small dog Pakalin.


Lawyer, legal and commercial director

Karina studied at Universidad Marista, Mexico City (2005). Graduated with honors from a master’s degree and a specialization on Constitutional Law at UNAM (National Autonomous University of Mexico). Studied a second master’s degree at Boston University School of Law (LL.M in American Law, Business Practice Concentration). After more than ten years working as a litigant and corporate law, she joins EDAA to straighten the path on any anomalies. During weekends she might be found wandering around any Mexican contemporary design venture.


Design architect

Graduated with honors at Tec de Monterrey, Mexico City, 2013. Besides his formidable talent as an architect and designer, he is a natural born illustrator. Always charismatic, he finds the way to solve any problem in an optimistically manner.


Construction architect

Architect and logistics expert. His facility and affinity towards logistics positioned Hans as a Project Manager, Building Manager, and Cost Analyst. Outside the construction site, we might find him studying insect colonies.


Office manager

Executive assistant. After more than 10 years assisting top of the notch law firms in Mexico, Verónica knows what and how to make things work. She is in charge of the administrative and accounting control, and working up solutions for any mishap to be just a simple step forward.


Junior architect

Theory aficionado. Alejandra seeks to make sense on every project she is involved while putting in practice her no-building idea. Working with rural communities on housing improvement projects is part of her social commitment practice.


San José Insurgentes Mexico City, Mexico |, +52 (55) 5211 8394

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