HOTEL PERALADA by Tarruella Trenchs Studio

Girona, 2016peralada15-1An encounter that sets the senses free and traces the colour of every day. The pieces we create at Henge are unique masterpieces that cherish within their souls a destination and all the emotions lived during the travel towards their realization.

Material feelings to experiment through a daily contact, discovering a design able to speak not only for itself, but also for the ones who choose it.

Choosing a piece of forniture is reductive. Because a piece of furniture is a whatever piece, it tastes like serial production, like something static that never truly belongs to you.

The philosophy that has led Henge since its dawn lays in the negation of these serial and industrial principles, enslaving our lives: at Henge, we create a design that embraces the total uniqueness, the idea of connecting each client and each experience not with a piece of furniture, yet with a traveling companion.

Creatures thought, designed and finished by the most brilliant minds and hands to become part of the lives of the ones who choose them, to grow and love on a daily basis.

The pieces we design find their synthesis in contrasts, diversities, releasing strong identities, adapting and living with highly dissonant styles, establishing themselves new harmonies, warmths and colours of the home.


Tarruella Trenchs Studio


Madrazo 83, Entl. 2ª, 08006 Barcelona (España)
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