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savion residence by neuman hayner

Location : Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel

Year: 2014dsc_9213

Constructed Area: 380 Sq. Meters

Premise: 1000 Sq. Meters

Design Team: Sharon Neuman, Hila Tzur

Photography: Amit Gosher


dsc_0165The house was planned for a family of four. Two cubes separated by a passage combine into an “L” shaped house. The front cube, of double height space, holds the public areas: entrance, living room, kitchen, dining room (all on the ground floor) and a study on the first floor. The passage, 4 meters wide, continues the patio, which is the center of the house, and separates the public wing and the private wing. The rear cube, (the private wing) has 3 floors: The ground floor holds a living room, two children rooms, a laundry room and a guests w.c. The 1st floor holds the master bedroom, and a bridge passage to the library (on the front cube). The basement is well lightened and ventilated by a large patio, and holds a guest’s room, a safe room, and a storage room.dsc_0163

The bridge “casts a shadow” on the ground floor, enhanced by a 120 cm wide concrete strip. The kitchen island aligns accordingly. The bridge is composed of white pine wood, and continues as a strip into the master bedroom and the adjacent open bathroom, with concrete flooring on both sides. The tree barks cover the front yard,  are also used in the passage and enhance the concrete strip. The swimming pool is covered by marblite and flows into a waterfall towards the bamboo trees. Dry bamboo is used as railings and outdoor walls. The house includes many hanged objects, like swings, as well as outdoor sittings and a bed in the children rooms.dsc_9161dsc_9188




Sharon, Iftah, and the studio team have a lot of experience in designing projects of varying scales including civic, corporate, and apartment buildings, hotels, private residences, offices, restaurants, commercial centers, and preservation projects.

Our design process is built on an open and constructive dialogue with the developers, advisors, and the studio team, while maintaining financial frameworks and goals as an integral part of the process. This is accompanied by the continuous use of advanced 3D imaging software.

We believe in the possibility and necessity of combining the individual and public interests in our projects, and work out of desire to create contextual, original, light, and clear architecture, that expresses the joy of creation, high environmental awareness, and human love.

sh-ifSharon Neuman (Associate) – Architect and product designer, graduated the Technion with honors, acquiring a B.Sc. in Physics, as well as a B. Arch. She then continued her studies at the Technion, graduating with honors with a M.Sc. in Industrial Design. She also acquired a B.Sc. in Architecture from WIZO academy (Canada, Haifa, and Cardiff University – Wales). Sharon started her firm in 1997, and since has designed hundreds of buildings, many of which have been published in professional press and books. Sharon had two solo exhibitions (product design and photography) and participated in many group exhibitions

Iftah Hayner (Associate) – Architect, graduated the Technion with honors in 2007, acquiring his B.Arch. Began his work at Yoav Messer Architects after graduating, and quickly rose to become the Senior Architect to his co-workers and his junior partner architect Amit.
Through his work, Iftah gained experience in designing, and leading projects of varying scales, including educational institutes, civic buildings, hotels, saturated constructions, and offices.

tamar Tamar Makover-Zohar – Architect, graduated the Technion – B.Arch. in 2002. Tamar is experienced with urban planning, and designing civic and residential buildings of varying scales.

vicVictoria Belman – Architect, graduated the Technion – B.Arch. in 2007, and in 2014 with a Masters in Sustainable Architecture. Victoria is “green council” certified in sustainable planning and has much experiance in education and civic planning.

Dikla Levy – Architect, graduated the Technion – B.Arch. in 2007. Dikla is experienced with civic and residential buildings and preservation.






Reli Klemm – Architect, A graduate of Temple University Tylor School of Art. B-Arch since 2001. Experienced in Residential project of different scale (private and commercial) and sustainable architecture


The photographers of the site: Amit Gosher, Amit Geron, Elad Sarig, Itay Sikolski, Rami Arnold, Yael Pincus, Shai Adam, and Sandy Teperson.


Derech HaRishonim 1, Kfar Vitkin – 09.9545842
Sharon Neuman 052.2433042
Iftah Hayner 054.5595062
Look for Neuman Hayner Architects on waze

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