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Restaurant Dash Kitchen

Location: Turin, Italy

Built area: 6458-sq-ft / 600-sq-m
Year: 2016

Architect: Fabio Fantolino

Furniture: Woordwork by Falegnameria Fiore, Upholstery by Nube.
Lighting: Tools and Beluga by Fabbian, Diro by Delta Light, Bidone, Tango, Candle and Paw Floor by Phanto, Flying by Biffi, Bell Floor by Tom Dixon.
PR agency: Federica Guga Fratoni

Photographer: Eugeni Pons

dash-23-1Designed by the architect Fabio Fantolino, Dash, a new restaurant in the heart of Turin is born from the requalification of an abandoned printing house in the city’s frenetic San Salvario district.The newly inaugurated space is an outcome of the perfect encounter of industrial brutalist aesthetics and a refined reinterpretation of the 70s.

dash-4-1A series of chrome tubes define the first lounge and the restaurant’s both dynamic and intimate scenes. The metallic gloss of the vertical elements is paired up with comfortable black leather benches and armchairs upholstered in luxurious velvet, Alcantara and leather. 70s-inspired lighting fixtures by Phanto complete the set up.

The simple and clean counter made out of super mirror steel is the focal point of the entire space and houses the chrome draft beer taps.Large openings in the main hall are passageways, marked by the juxtaposition of rosso levanto marble and the polished industrial concrete, setting the way to the more intimate areas of the restaurant. The bright red velvet armchairs and coloured glass Beluga pendants from Fabbian, in sharp contrast with the dark brick walls, identify the space. The ambience is further intensified by the Tango applique lamps from Phanto.

The Dash logo made in polished steel appears in the dark lounge at the rear end of the restaurant as a silvery flash creating a cozy and intimate atmosphere together with the use of Bidone lamps by Phanto.The architectural and sensory balance is achieved through the wooden structures designed by the architect Fabio Fantolino specially for Dash and made by Falegnameria Fiore warming up the ambience and easing the rigidity of the architecture itself.

The industrial origins of Dash coexist with contemporized 70s icons resulting a harmony of contrasts, strongly merged together in a perfectly balanced and refined space.



All images courtesy of Fabio Fantolino




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