“beauty in imperfection”

This fall, the Danish design company Muubs adds a refined twist to their raw and rustic look with unique news in the collection. Among other items, you can find leather lamps and upsizing, which results in the large terracotta vases standing out almost as small pieces of art.

The handmade, honest design leaves traces of hands that possess craft-skills to the unique products. This is still an essential part of the fundament for Muubs who develop their design items in Denmark and works with manufactures in Asian countries in order to create the unique signature collections.

The raw and rustic expression with the handmade signature is, by Muubs, described as “beauty in imperfection.”

Get more inspiration from Muubs via:


The majestic Mano table, made from one single piece of suar wood.
Contact if you want more information about the Manu slab wood table

Get more inspiration from Muubs via: – à M/S Søfartsmuseet.


Muubs concrete houses can be used both as book stops, candlestick holders and adventdecorations. Find them here:


Muubs iron Cabinets. Keep it all at one place with the raw piece of furniture, that comes in various styles and sizes. See all iron cabinets online right here:

13417419_10154196758981698_3224181588378984619_n.jpgLet us introduce you to the Jay champagne cooler – the newest member of the Muubs family and definitely the gathering point of the party. You can order Jay from 01-07-2016 – à M/S Søfartsmuseet.

13433267_10154196768436698_8814710026331800051_o.jpgAW2016 sneak peek
The Swift Mug is the newest member of the Muubs Swift Series. Swift is handmade stoneware from Bali, with a uniqe glazing in dark nuances. See all Swift online here:
– àM/S Søfartsmuseet.

all photos by Muubs


Muubs in the rough is honest long lasting design. We make unexpected enduring objects which age gracefully Muubs in the rough is honest long lasting design. We make unexpected enduring objects which age gracefullyd83b0032692587.568f915835e07.jpg8dcebe32692587.568f8fb486293.jpg3cd43032692587-568f91582a9b360dae732692587-568f91582bdb8cdfbb132692587-568f91582f3ffe9d97732692587.568f91582e2f0.jpgBlack and earth colors still serve as the fundament for the SS2016 collection, but Muubs complements these colors with warm and natural nuances from, among other, the aqua color scale such as green and blue.754d1832692587.568f915836e68.jpgb30a2f32692587-568f915831686bdc77832692587-568f91582d0cb1c114632692587-568f9158304a1b4faac32692587-568f8fb48b1c986411f32692587-568f915833a3ab7f6a432692587-568f91583929d0cf42732692587-568f915834b852dcfb232692587-568f8fb4877a38813e832692587.568f90ee68cc7.jpgDacarr by Muubs has Europe’s largest range of upcyclin storage products for both indoor and outdoor use.

The products are made of 100% upcycled car tires and bicycle tubes.
At the same time each product is handmade by specialized and skilled craftsmenf9ac4832692587-568f8fb488d2604651232692587-568f8fb489cdf



In 2010 Bent & Dorthe Povlsen wanted to create a unique company with furniture and interiors for individual homes. With a strong focus on craftsmanship and nature Muubs has created unique products that express authenticity and honesty.
In the creation of a new product, the designs are tested by assessing whether men would like it. This has given the collection a bit more edge and a more masculine twist.


Muubs is an innovative furniture and interior business. We specialize in designing and producing furniture and interior exclusively in raw materials.
Muubs products all have a raw and unique urban look that fits into most interior design as a contrast to the minimalistic.
We wish to express the forces of nature and its beautiful, intense rawness.

Mission: To make objects for a home celebrating individuality of the people living in it.

Vision: To make honest long lasting design. Unexpected enduring objects which age gracefully.

Muubs   |   OREBYGÅRDVEJ 9   |   DK-7400 HERNING   |   (+45) 9626 0330   |   INFO@MUUBS.COM


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