Location : Los Cabos, Mexico, 201102-image1

“… In many of the architectural projects… his work with local stone is fundamental. The architect uses it in various ways- he manipulates it, cuts it or positions as it is- always with mastery and perfection, as the great builders of Mexico have done throughout the centuries as a people well versed in its handling. “I did my first house with lava stone in the Pedregal, neighborhood of San Angel”, DV comments. “They were stones from the same place. A construction that brought  with it the history of Xitle through materials from a volcano that, thousand of years ago, filled southern Mexico City with lava. It was material underlying the building itself…”

Rosanela Alvarez

“… On the other hand, we have here an architect who has always favored natural materials, especially those that are available locally. Stone and wood are thus granted preference, as well as elements from lesser category, in which the hands of artisans take on special significance; the whole, as always, having been judiciously designed and planned by Diego, himself…”

Louise Noelle Mereles

dva_los_cabos_2_d300_4215-copiadva_los_cabos_3949-copiadva_los_cabos_3993-copiadsc04672-omardva_los_cabos_4007-copiadva_los_cabos_4033-copiadva_los_cabos_4069-copiadva_los_cabos_4087-copiadva_los_cabos_4129-copiadva_los_cabos_4164-copia02-image1fe5a7312-0e2b-43a9-b0e5-084d325ba3dcPhoto: Diego Villaseñor


DVA is formed by a team of professionals designers in architecture, urban design, landscape design and interior design.

17054-28670-1-pbDiego Villaseñor, founder and principal of the firm, was born in Guadalajara, Jalisco and graduated at the National University of Mexico, founding his private practice in 1976.

Since then he has participated in  more than 100 protects ranging from houses, tourism developments, hotels, all throughout Mexico, Latin America, United States, the Caribbean and the Persian Gulf. Although his well earned reputation for architecture in the seaside has made the firm a referent in the national context, he has developed work in such distinct contexts and with such conception of nature, architecture and landscape, that he has been invited to lecture in Mexico and Europe.



Tiburcio Montiel No. 96, San Miguel Chapultepec

11850, México D.F.

+ 52 (55) 52 72 98 44

+ 52 (55) 55 16 78 83



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