La Punta House by Elías Rizo / Alejandro Rizo




Location : Punta Mita, NAY, MX

Area : 795.0 m2

Proyect Year : 2012

Design: Elías Rizo / Alejandro Rizo Architects

Project Director : Paola Herandez

Photography: Marcos Garcia


La Punta is the home of an unusual client with a keen eye for design. It was built in Punta Mita, a few paces from the sea, in the coast of Jalisco.

 The client explicitly requested that the house break away from the regionalist aesthetic that characterizes most houses built in the vicinity. Instead, she wanted a house made of simple, unassuming volumes that would be in a constant open dialogue with its context; she was actively involved throughout the design process of the house; she was responsible for all interior design and he contributed with invaluable technical creativity.

 The complex appears to be a series of man-made constructions, as much as a landscape of scattered objects shaped by nature over time. It is organized into three modules with different functions and varying degrees of openness and permeability. The entry module contains all service areas and houses a double height space that serves as a workshop. The main module encloses all living spaces, public as well as private. The third module consists of an elongated concrete portal with an open terrace, close to the sea.

 A straight pathway built from solid tropical wood planks crosses the entire site diagonally and connects the ocean with the entry module. Halfway along its path it intersects a field of rectangular, dislocated stone slabs that lead to the entry on the main module across a bed of volcanic rock. The ground floor of the main module opens almost completely to its surroundings and encloses the kitchen as well as living and storage spaces. The upper floor is divided roughly into two halves; one half comprises the master suite, which is partially outdoors, complete with its terrace and bathroom; the other half includes two guest suites.

 The material palette for the house includes polished concrete, solid Parota wood, natural stone, and stainless steel accents. The interiors were carefully crafted and complemented with a meticulous selection of simple wooden furniture. Federico Diaz


Gral. Eulogio Parra 2802, col. Providencia.
Guadalajara, Jalisco; México

 Elías Rizo                                                                                                      

Alejandro Rizo

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