Luna2 private hotel by WAHL Architects & Melanie Hall Interior Design

Location : Seminyak, Bali, Indonesia

Principal Architect : David Wahl, Bethesda / États-Unis

Interior Design : Melanie Hall


Luna2 private hotel, named after the first spacecraft to land on the moon in the late 50’s, is located beachfront in fashionable Seminyak, Bali. This exclusive-use “private hotel” has five bedrooms and is the ultimate holiday destination for groups with or without kids. Its prime location, visionary design, world-class Lunafood & bar, and superstar services by an internally-trained team combine to create an out-of-this-world experience.

711a4844-8532-41a7-9ec9-06eae7e9e959The ultra-modern design of Luna2 private hotel is reminiscent of the great modernism of the past century, with a clear vision of the future. Architect David Wahl, based in Washington, collaborated with owner Melanie Hall to create this groundbreaking design which is a vastly different approach to the ubiquitous ‘modern Bali’ style. Its simplicity is intended as a launching pad for the excellence within, and its large staff and limited number of guestrooms means an intimate dinner at the Chef’s table or a decadent poolside dinner party are as common as a warm Balinese night.




Luna2 founder & designer, Melanie Hall, conceived this ultra-modern design, which contrasts the ubiquitous “modern Bali” style and references great modernism of the past, fuelled with innovation of the future and a sense of fun.

We provide ‘cosmic spaces for jet-setting lunatics.’ Our rightfully demanding guests are seeking more privacy and intimacy, with the services of an exclusive hotel.




Luna2 studiotel



Luna2 studiotel opened in April 2013, next door to beachfront Luna2 private hotel in fashionable Seminyak, Bali.

Uniquely known as a ‘studiotel’, this award-winning ultra-modern hotel features super-spacious studio rooms and intimate public spaces.

Luna2 studiotel offers superstar levels of service and stellar standards of wining & dining, lounging & sleeping.

Award-winning Orbit restaurant, with world-class wine list, features signature Lunafood – fuelled with nostalgia, futurism and fun. Descend the spiral staircase from Orbit to underground ‘groovy-baby’ Pop! lounge bar. Pass through Pop! to ultra-plush Lunaplex 16-seat cinema, with daily showings – a cool combo of nostalgic classics and new releases. Ascend up four floors to Space rooftop bar for sunset champagne & cocktails to kill for, with the ultimate panoramic ocean view. Outdoor, the 25m Mondrian-ic colour-blocked lap pool is the ultimate escape, with sun loungers for catching rays or relaxing with poolside spa treatments.

In contrast with the ubiquitous ‘modern Bali’ style, Luna2 studiotel “Resembles what a ‘hotel of the future’ may have looked like in the 1960’s”, according to Condé Nast Traveller.

Luna2 studiotel, as a member of Design Hotels, is a part of the Starwood Preferred Guest® program.  All SPG® members can earn & redeem points and enjoy exclusive benefits on stays at Luna2, when booked through the Luna2 or SPG websites.

Luna2 ethos

Founder & Designer Melanie Hall’s Luna2 ethos “Respects the past, welcomes the future and likes to have fun in the process! With this in mind, Luna2 blends nostalgia (great modernism works of the past, some 60’s pop etc), with futurism (innovation, gadgets, high-tech stuff) and touches of fun…life is not to be taken too seriously after all!

This ethos continues to be infused throughout every aspect of Luna2 as a company, from architectural design to interior design, from Lunafood to music, right through to the superstar service offered. Hence, the Luna2 team is encouraged to have a sound understanding of great tradition, keep abreast of global innovation, and retain a sense of humour in the process.

Melanie Hall, Founder & Designer


Melanie has a rich international background, growing up in the British Virgin Islands, Nigeria and St Lucia in the Caribbean, during which time she boarded at Millfield School in the UK, completing her last 2 high-school years at St Lucia A’ Level College. It was this international perspective, combined with the exposure to great modernist architecture by her acclaimed architect father, Alan Chambers, that honed her inherent interest in modern design and world travel.

Melanie started her career at the renowned Harrods Department store in London back in 1985, where she enrolled on the Management Training Scheme and worked her way up over five years to Sales Manager & Assistant Buyer in Menswear, describing her experience as “The foundation of her life career path”. She then moved on to become the UK Head of Visual Merchandising for Polo Ralph Lauren. Following which, she worked as UK Head of Visual, for Men’s and children’s wear for House of Fraser’s 52 Department stores.

In 1996 she made the move to Asia, as Head of Creative for Calvin Klein Asia, based in Hong Kong, reporting to the New York Head Office, where she was responsible for overseeing the roll-out of over 50 Calvin Klein shops across the region, as well as managing the many product launches and event set-ups, whilst reporting to the New York Head Office.

She then moved to Jakarta in 1998 to join her banker fiancé, Stewart Hall, whom she later married. During their 12 years there, Melanie started her own design company, renowned for her avant-garde interior design work, and furniture & carpet design, as well as completing several concept designs for hotel developments. Over the years, Melanie and Stewart enjoyed opportunities to collate a sizeable land portfolio around the region. In 2003, they purchased a prime beachfront site in Seminyak, Bali; they identified a niche gap in the market, to create a new concept of ‘private hotel’ which would raise the benchmark in hospitality, by way of its prime location, its visionary design, its superstar service and unrivalled wining & dining experience…all within the intimacy of a home. Hence, Melanie created Luna2 private hotel, which ‘landed’ in fashionable Seminyak, Bali, in 2007.

Melanie and her family then moved to Bali in 2010, to begin the process of construction of her second hotel, neighbouring Luna2 studiotel, which later opened in April 2013. Melanie designed the architecture, interiors, furniture, carpets, curtain fabrics and some of the artwork.

Melanie’s design ethos for Luna2 is that she “Respects the past, welcomes the futures and likes to have fun in the process!” This developed from her love of great modernist works of the past, combined with passion for innovation of the future, all fuelled with a sense of humour – a signature style which Melanie refers to as ‘FUNked-up modernism’.

Melanie says, “I have a keen eye for design, instilled in me by my architect father as an acclaimed 1950s/60s modernist architect; this, combined with my creative experience in the world of international fashion, and extensive travel, has instilled my passion for design”.

Following her years in Bali, the Halls had a three-year stint in Singapore, during which time Melanie’s children attended Marlborough College Malaysia. Melanie recently returned to London with her husband Stewart and their three children – Daniel, Jasper and Macy – who all now attend Millfield School. She spends much of her time in Bali overseeing the business. She likes to travel far and wide with her family and friends, enjoys a passion for fashion, fine food & wine and art, and likes to keep fit in the process!

Melanie is accredited by the Society of British and International Design, as a Design Professional. She is a Global Ambassador for Nth Degree, London’s most exclusive private dining club.

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