Villa Zoé, Greece by Nikos Petromichelakis

Villa Zoé

Location : GR – Greece, Crete, Koutouloufari

Architect: Nikos Petromichelakis

Completed: 2016



“We have created a place, which we envision as the perfect hotel. A very special place with tangible charm, which makes the stay unforgettable. Our Villa Zoé is small, authentic, individual and with its own style. A touch of a faraway world on one of the most beautiful Greek islands, embedded in delightful Mediterranean flair with space for well-being and happiness … “

Daniela & Martin




Carpe Diem

The generous living room and separate bedroom of 50 square meters in total are divided by a round wall opening, which makes it possible to enjoy the view from the bedroom through the living room, across the terrace and garden to the sea.





A Mediterranean feeling in delicate grey patité and a lot of sisal in generous 55 square meters. From the leather butterfly chairs you have a delightful view across the lavender bed to the garden and beyond to the sparkling sea.

The separate terrace is 15 square meters and also offers the perfect retreat with a marvellous view. The living room with a kitchenette and the bedroom are separated by some steps and a masonry Cyclades arch. The bathroom is completely equipped with grey patité, a masonry shower and an elegant stone washbasin.






Both of the Cyclades cottages of Villa Zoé were completely renovated with great care, equipped with the latest technology, electrical installations and sanitary facilities and opened in September 2016.

Buttermilk Kiss

An enchanting 44 square meters with a spacious balcony on the first floor and wonderful views of the Mediterranean garden and the sea. The living room and bedroom are separated by a masonry Cyclades arch.

Buttermilk Kiss is in light cream tones with a trace of Asia and the Orient, which guarantee the lightness of being for delightful holidays.


about Villa Zoé

img_7430Don’t we all dream of someday moving to warmer climes? Looking out at the sparkling sea in a charming location with Mediterranean flair? Well, my husband and I have been dreaming of it since joining the working world. And for me as a passionate tourism specialist, our own small hotel at the sea always meant pure fulfilment. But that it would happen so quickly and that we would find happiness in Hellas? No, neither one of us expected that.

A professional project brought us to Athens by chance and we, therefore, spent our first summer on Crete. The island enchanted us. It became clear after only a few days that we wanted to spend as much of the year as possible here. And although we had always enthusiastically travelled around the world, nowhere else was the sky so blue, the light so luminous and the life so splendidly relaxed.

The search for a place to put down roots brought us to Koutouloufari, a charming little village, 2 km from the sea with taverns, small shops and a lot of Greek flair. We found a hillside plot with a spectacular view of the sea, 2 derelict Cyclades cottages, countless colourful bougainvillea and trilling cicadas. And since the cottages were serendipitously a hotel that had been abandoned for years, we didn’t have to think twice … our Greek project “Villa Zoé” was born.

As former globetrotters, we collected wonderful souvenirs on all of our trips, which now lend our 5 traditional rooms an incomparable ethnic bohemian style. Treasures from around the world merge here with a white Cyclades villa.

Daniela & Martin


Villa Zoé Koutouloufari, Crete

Tel. +49 172 6278088

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Villa Zoe


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