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Azure house by Chris Clout Design

Location: Sunshine Beach, Sunshine Coast, QLD, Australia


Architecture and Interior Design: Chris Clout Design


Located in the beautiful suburb of Sunshine Beach in Queensland, this amazing representation of the contemporary beach house will make your jaw drop. With a focus on open plan living, the pristine white finishes of the design combine with the stark blue Pacific below to lend a Greek Island ambience to Chris’s hallmark luxury resort style.

Chris Clout Design

Best Houses Australia | S06E28 | Chris Clout + Glen Watson Building




Chris Clout


With years of experience behind him, Chris Clout is well acquainted with the building industry. Boasting an impressive portfolio of awards for his insightful and innovative designs, his talents reflects a profound understanding of the built form and a passion for architecture. Beginning his career as an apprentice carpenter, his work has evolved into something of a phenomenon, transcending the boundaries of conventional carpentry. At the core of his designs, however, is a humble philosophy centering on the important values of functional family life and living.


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