Ramón Esteve / BOUET restaurant, Valencia


Design : Ramón Esteve


Founder and director of the studio, Ramón Esteve is the creative soul of the organization. Owner of a unique philosophy. His holistic vision of life leads him to face new challenges, with the aim to achieve excellence on every occasion.



Architect by the Higher Technical School of Madrid since 1990, and founder of Ramon Esteve Studio of Architecture in 1991.The studio operates both in the field of architecture and interior design, as well as operating in artistic direction and industrial design in the national and  international level.

PhD Architect. Professor in the School of Architecture at the Polytechnic University of Valencia since 2005. Teaches since 2012 the area of design hotels in the Master program of interior design of the Cardenal Herrera University CEU. In addition he usually conducts workshops, and conferences in which he lectures on architecture and design.

STUDIO Ramón Esteve


Plaça Pere Borrego y Galindo, 7
46003 – Valencia, España
Teléfono +34 96 351 04 34
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Collaborators : Silvia Martinez, Isabel Meyer, Nacho Poveda, Isabel Rincón de Arellano, Maria Martí, Maria Parra

Audiovisual production : Alfonso Calza

Music : Henry Holzwarth

Location : Valencia, Spain
Year : 2017

Area : 285m2

by Ramón Esteve  :

The new Bouet defends gastronomy as a hedonistic and sensorial experience. Feelings and ideas are not only transmitted by their cuisine, but also by their premises and manners. A place were sophistication and casualness come together naturally with only one aim: the idea of gastronomy as culture and a way of life.


The architecture is not the aim here: we create places where things happen, where you can enjoy being surrounded by the atmosphere, the sounds and the warm lighting. In conclusion, a place where you can be happy in the easiest and more traditional way: around the table.


Bouet brings together the cuisine and the diner by means of a touching and surprising language, along a sequence of rooms that slowly reveals the magic. The bar in the lobby –where you can have a glass of cava, a cocktail and a cold dish- welcomes us     to the main room. The light coming through the large windows focus our gaze towards the courtyard, which is visually connected to interior of the restaurant.

All the tricks and secrets are gone from the customer-opened kitchen, where the cook unveils his crafts and share the cooking experience with the diners.bouet-restaurant-alfonsocalza-07


The mix of new and existing materials, combined in a cool and befitting way, achieves that relaxing but classy effect of the ancient cities that now are really young. The facets that we found in the mirrors, the lights and the furniture –expressly crafted for this establishment- produce images, reflections and blur the interior.


Some crude materials match other more refined ones, such as copper or marble, thus giving an apparently industrial look to the set. As if it were born spontaneously, as if things were just dropped there.


The new graphic identity of the restaurant should be as radical as the interior design.

Challenging the rules of corporative identity, we have developed a versatile concept with a stencil typeface that allows a wide variety of graphic design purposes.




branding-bouet-restaurant-cobreGRAN VIA DE LES GERMANIES, 34


+34 960 070 789 TEL



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