Villa t by JUMA architects

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Location : Spain, 2015

Belgian clients commissioned JUMA architects to design a holiday retreat. The fallow land is characterized by a dense vegetation of pine trees and a hillside overlooking the Mediterranean Sea.

JUMA, who consider it a privilege to build in this unique context, has naturally opted to preserve as many trees on the site so as to benefit from the natural shade they provide.

Next to the driveway is a staircase that descends straight to the entrance. In this way, JUMA made full use of the slope of the terrain, bringing the first floor up to the level of the street. The first floor accommodates the bedrooms, all of which feature large window sections. To prevent overheating, these windows are equipped with blinds that consist of fine, vertical wooden slats.

The floor plan is arranged in an L-shape, fully oriented toward the side that offers the most spectacular view. The main volume of the L-form contains the kitchen, the other volume houses the seating area. In this way, both spaces embrace the terraces and provide the necessary privacy from the neighbours.

The terraces follow the natural slope of the terrain and form playful surfaces that ultimately lead to the green-blue infinity pool.The architecture is defined by a play of horizontal lines, formed by several overlapping canopies. In some places, holes have been made in the canopies, creating interesting light variations.
In terms of materials, JUMA opted for a combination of white, smooth plaster with a rough natural stone from the area.

Execution in collaboration with NAM Arquitectura.

Pictures © Verne

Juma Architects



JUMA architects – mathieu luyens & julie van de keere


JUMA Architects is a Gent based architecture firm founded by Mathieu Luyens & Julie van De Keere in 2009 with a focus on creating well-crafted and custom made structures.

Our aesthetics are modern and minimal with careful usage of light, space, emotion and the unique characteristics of each location.

It is our misson to efficiently deliver a project from the first planning stages through to the fine detailing of materials and furniture design.

Our specific approach allows us to be passionate designers and functional builders while efficiently creating a cost effective and personal structure for our clients.



JUMA architects

Julie van De Keere

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