Seymour Road Residence | Joyce Wang

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Location: Mid-levels, Central, Hong Kong

Date completed: 2012

Number of bedrooms: 3

Area: 1500ft²

Awards: Perspective Magazine Best of Residences Award 2012

Interior Design: JOYCE WANG STUDIO

An interior concept for a high-end show apartment in Hong Kong’s Mid-levels. The intended client would be a global traveler, placing great value on the importance of home. We built a narrative around the design that combined beautiful materials, furniture, objects and art from around the world – the collection of an owner with good taste whose home tells the story of their life.


“The more specific a space is to a particular person, story or history, the more engaging I find it.”


Seymour Road Residence_ Joyce Wang_01Seymour Road Residence_ Joyce Wang_02Seymour Road Residence_ Joyce Wang_03Seymour Road Residence_ Joyce Wang_04Seymour Road Residence_ Joyce Wang_05Seymour Road Residence_ Joyce Wang_06Seymour Road Residence_ Joyce Wang_07Seymour Road Residence_ Joyce Wang_08Seymour Road Residence_ Joyce Wang_09

 All images courtesy of Joyce Wang Studio


Joyce Wang

“For me, it’s important we are inclusive, open and honest and our studio design and culture reflects this. We are “yes” people. We are hands-on.”



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