Hillcrest by McClean Design


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Location: Beverly Hills, California, US

Area: 10,000 sf

Year: 2016

Awarded the 2017 American Institute of Architects Honor Award for Outstanding Residential Design

Architects: McClean Design

Photographer: Jim Bartsch

This hillside home is located in Trousdale, Beverly Hills a neighborhood of single story homes famed for their views and movie stars.

Our clients wanted an extensive basement level to provide entertaining spaces due to the limited options above grade. Our challenge was to find a way to get light to these spaces since the design would need to consist of a true basement.

We took the concept of a light well and expanded it to create a true water garden located in the middle of the house allowing us to create a dramatic glass bridge entry to the home. The bridge is a unique experience changing the user’s perception as they leave the garden behind and enter the house.

The water garden below dapples light throughout the basement making these spaces amongst the most interesting within the house contrasting with the view orientated rooms above.

The house is fused with natural light throughout and a warm palette of natural materials creates a very comfortable living environment.

McClean Design

All images courtesy of McClean Design

McClean Design

photo1_i12421920x0_9_1Paul McClean trained as an architect in Ireland and founded McClean Design in 2000. Over the last fifteen years, MCCLEAN DESIGN has grown into one of the leading contemporary residential design firms in the Los Angeles area committed to excellence in modern design.




McClean Design
190 S. Glassell St. #203
Orange, CA 92866


T) 714.505.0556
F) 714.532.2924


McClean Design



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