Hytte Sirdalen by Filter Arkitekters


Hytte Sirdalen

Location: Sirdalen Valley, Norway

Architects : Filter Arkitekters

Surface: 166 m²

Year :  2015

Photographies : Lise Bjelland

Given the location and the steep plot it had been desirable that the house be dug into the landscape, so it would act as an element integrated into the nature, both winter and summer.

Filter Arkitekter

Filter architects

Filter architects is a Norwegian architectural firm with head office in Oslo. The firm was founded in 1999 by the architects Per Olav Pedersen and Thomas Lærdal. The Oslo office consists of 6 architects (as of December 2015).
Filter work within the entire field of architecture and our portfolio consists of a variety of projects – from small scale housing projects to office buildings and large scale urban planning tasks. We do not specialize in certain types or typologies of architecture. All our projects go through a unique filtering process – no matter the size or type of it. Our main focus is always to approach and treat each project with a free mind and a systematic and analytical design process. Flexibility is an important part of this, as the conditions under which we work constantly change – from project to project and even during each project.
Our competence and wide network allows us to put together competent and creative teams for any construction and planning task.


+47 23 35 32 20
Eugenies gate 8c
0168 Oslo
hjørnet av Eugenies og Sofies gate
vis-a-vis Bolteløkka skole




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