Brise soleil house by Anderman Architects

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Site area: 550 sqm

Built area: 350 sqm

Architects: Anderman Architects

Architect in charge: Shirly Marko

Project management: Nati Marcovich

Brise Soleil system: Anderman Architects, Mark Witson, “Galil Technologies”

Photography © Amit Geron

The costumer requested a living room, bed rooms, a kitchen a garden and all the things costumer usually ask for. Only then arrived a surprising turn in the plot. The costumers also requested the project to be a “Bulldog”. They did not mean the dog. They were talking about the essence, the character. With that word in mind, we started our design mission.

Three years later standing there was the Bulldog. Firm, solid but knows how to evoke a smile. When needed. The project’s interface with the street is through a brise soleil (vertical shutters system) made of cedar wood. The brise soleil allows controlling the levels of exposure of the indoor to the street. From time to time, according to the needs of the residents, the brise soleil system can change from open to closed and vice versa.

The connection between indoor and outdoor has never been more flexible.

The electrical system, which was developed independently, can control the level of the privacy inside the house, the levels of natural light and the energy consumption.

Anderman Architects

Brise_soleil_house _Anderman_ Architects_12
© Amit Geron
Brise_soleil_house _Anderman_ Architects_02
© Amit Geron
Brise_soleil_house _Anderman_ Architects_03
© Amit Geron
Brise_soleil_house _Anderman_ Architects_04
© Amit Geron
Brise_soleil_house _Anderman_ Architects_05
© Amit Geron
Brise_soleil_house _Anderman_ Architects_001
© Amit Geron
Brise_soleil_house _Anderman_ Architects_06
© Amit Geron
Brise_soleil_house _Anderman_ Architects_07
© Amit Geron
Brise_soleil_house _Anderman_ Architects_08
© Amit Geron
Brise_soleil_house _Anderman_ Architects_09
© Amit Geron
Brise_soleil_house _Anderman_ Architects_10
© Amit Geron
Brise_soleil_house _Anderman_ Architects_11
© Amit Geron

All images courtesy of Anderman Architects | © Amit Geron

Anderman Architects

Anderman Architects was founded in 1999, by Yoav Anderman, who holds a BArch from the Technion (Haifa, 1996). In 2010 Anat Anderman (BArch Bezelel academy, Jerusalem) became a partner, and manages the commercial division at the office.

Anderman Architects provides high-quality architectural planning and interior design for both the private and commercial sectors. more


Anderman Architects

Nordau 2 st.

Herzeliya, Israel

Tel: 077-4117001



Anderman Architects


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