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A&M houses

Year : 2015


Conceptually, the A&M Houses have been an experiment in drawing a relationship and balance between a reduced footprint, comfortable living and maximised amenity. The undulation of the roof line and the north facing skylights open up the narrow volumes to the sky above promoting the feeling of abundance of space.

The detailing of large openings and the continuation of the limestone flooring into the courtyard spaces aims to create generous and seamless connections to the outdoors, visually expanding the constricted floor-plate.

Zinc cladding and waxed stucco walls contribute to the material palette and respond to the client’s ‘no-maintenance’ brief and the site’s close proximity to the beach as no painting is required – ever!

Inhabitants of the A&M houses are encouraged to modify and adapt spaces to facilitate maximum amenity in both an environmental and social sense. The use of sliding wall panels in the form of timber screens, frosted glass and linen curtains eliminate the need for fixed swing doors and allows each space to open up or close off according to visual and acoustic privacy needs.

Half the size of a typical new house, the A&M houses aim to provide a modest floor plate without compromising liveability.




Marston Architects is a Sydney based studio with over 30 years experience. Consistency, honesty and a broad sense of public responsibility underpin the work of the practice. Since its inception in 1985 Marston Architects has delivered a broad spectrum of built works including single homes, alterations and additions, multi-unit residential and commercial buildings.

A highly developed collaboration process between our team and our clients ensures that the full potential of each project is achieved. By responding to the specifics of the context and its users, we strive to ensure a carefully measured built outcome which will stand the test of time.

These factors inform each project ensuring that each retain an individuality and response to place and time in a unique way. The sense of appropriateness pervades our approach to the design of the building as a useful object.


45 Pittwater Road, Manly


T:  (02) 9977 2101
E: mail@marstonarchitects.com.au




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