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Location: Israel

Site area: 1050 sq

Built area: 750 sq


Architect in charge: Hadas Wexler

Project management: Ofir Kleiman

Product: Vitrocsa Sliding doors

 Photographs: Amit Geron



The project stands by a huge beautiful ficus boulevard. From the start it was obvious to us that we want it to be a main theme in our design. In order to insert the outdoor to the indoor we designed the long tubes. Transparent edges, sealed on the sides. On one end the garden, and on the other end the ficus. Besides the house, beyond the sealed sides, the neighbors. Almost invisible while in the house. From every point inside the tube, nature reveals. village within the city.

But symmetry and order are not sacred. They are the frame of operation. They are not the content. As we enter the project things get dirty. The staircase is coated with black tin that was soaked in kuprum salt. Wild and industrial. The wooden floor is not tacky, it is a bit broken and very scratched. The joyful colorful chandelier, and part of the furniture were bought in a caribbean market.

The tubes are only the platform  which carries real life emerging inside.




Anderman Architects was founded in 1999, by Yoav Anderman, who holds a BArch from the Technion (Haifa, 1996). In 2010 Anat Anderman (BArch Bezelel academy, Jerusalem) became a partner, and manages the commercial division at the office.

Anderman Architects provides high-quality architectural planning and interior design for both the private and commercial sectors.

Our office focuses on planning high standards private houses and luxury apartments for the private sector and currently is involved in various projects in Herzelia Pituach, Tel Aviv, Savyon, Afeka, Zahala, Beit Yanay and other prime locations.

In the commercial field, Anderman Architects deals with commercial buildings, designing boutique offices at the highest standards and in providing and planning residential property projects.

Our architecture is minimalist, clean and functional. It combines the spirit of the new with awareness to the context and surroundings, and focuses on functionality, technological perception, and reference to various materials and adaptation to budgetary considerations. This allows us to provide exclusive tailor-made solutions that meet our clients’ needs. We believe that high-quality architecture is also derived from a constant dialogue with the client, consultants and contractors. Therefore, we are involved in each level of our projects, from the initial concept stages, through planning, design, construction, supervision and completion, in order to ensure the best results are achieved.

Anderman Architects offices are located in Herzelia. Our staff consists of 8 skilled & trained architects, with vast experience


Anderman Architects

Nordau 2 st. 

Herzeliya, Israel

Tel: 077-4117001

Email: info@anderman.co.il





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