Private Villa, Filothei, Athens by Moustroufis Architects

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Private Villa in Filothei, Athens, Greece

Year : 2011

Location Filothei, Athens, Greece
Architect Moustroufis Architects
Completion 2011
Project Management Construction Management Quantity Surveying RESDE DPM

Owner Private Client

Moustroufis Architects

Moustroufis Architects is an architectural firm based in Athens, Greece. Founded in 1986 by the architects Nikos Moustroufis and George Moustroufis. The practice provides full architectural masterplanning and concept design, full architectural construction design, construction and contract management and project supervision. Moustroufis architects has realized numerous projects such as residential houses and complexes, office buildings, sports and leisure facilities, industrial buildings and commercial shops. The firm strives for high quality architectural design and building construction, based on simplicity, harmony of building volumes and materials, as well as on excellent functionality.


Pylou 10, 152 32 Athènes | Grèce



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