Gijang Waveon Restaurant by Kwak Heesoo IDMM Architects

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Gijang Waveon, Lounge bar / Restaurant


Location: 533(522-2), Wolnae-ri, Jangan-eup, Gijang-gun, Busan, Republic of Korea
Site area: 1,381.53m²
Building area: 253.19m²
Gross floor area: 497.33m²

Architects: Heesoo Kwak  IDMM Architects
Structure: RC Exterior


Photography: © Kim Jaeyoon

Kijang adjacent to Pusan (second largest city in Korea) facing with the East Sea is famous for beautiful scenery of seashore rendered by inspiringly eroded rock, wave of clean seawater and groups of pine trees at a height of about 30 feet. WAVEON, the unique cafe in the beach, is located in a hill overlooking the shore in Kijang. Our client wanted to get a 500m2-sized building just for cafe where we can look down the sandy and rocky shore wherever we are. In fact, depending on where and how we see the beach, the sea shows diverse views for us. Accordingly, the significant matter of this project is how we can grasp and deal with the relationship between natural scene and architecture.

Place stacking
The condition of architecture oriented to outside view from inner space is placed on maximization of length of openings facing with sea and beach. Within given Floor area ratio, void space in center can be decent solution to make more seats viewing scenery. This was embodied by stacking long and sequential spaces that had various heights and were connected each other via a bridge. Wide and long corridor bearing seating space with ocean view deliver internally void in the center and, at the same time, embraces more and diverse scenes from outside.

Seating place
Furthermore, outer space of this building consists of Pyeongsang that is a dutdoor furniture traditionally used for small group activities like talking and siping a cup of tea in community. Instead of setting a wide terrace in the beach, a series of Pyeongsang under pine trees plays a meaningful role as semi-individualized spaces where we can have an opportunity to enjoy meditative time with a cup of coffee surrounded by natural scenes. Obliquely punched concrete wall offers a pleasure to peep sea shore beyond tall pine trees. In rooftop area, we can notice a certain line where sea and sky become the one. In this building where nature and artificial setting meet together via more meditative but playful ways at the same time, we can experience a new type of retreat beyond cafe.

Kwak Hee Soo IDMM Architects

© Kim Jaeyoon
© Kim Jaeyoon
© Kim Jaeyoon
© Kim Jaeyoon
© Kim Jaeyoon
© Kim Jaeyoon
© Kim Jaeyoon
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© Kim Jaeyoon


IDMM Architects

15037095_1236643856392942_5611502906251885978_nKWAK HEE SOO

 principal, IDMM architects

 Kwak Heesoo’s is widely known for his collaborative works with top tier clients of the Korean Wave. More than ten time award winner of the architectural awards of highest distinction in South Korea, his projects integrate the elements of program vs. facility, mass vs. volume, and structure with his signature concrete mass designs, envisioning new forms that challenge the increasingly individualistic needs of a rising Asian clientele.

 Arriving on scene after pulling off a hat trick in the top three innovative apartment design competitions, and after being awarded the Young Architect Award of Korea, the highest distinction for up and coming architects in Korea, Kwak paved his way in the public domain as an architect to the stars. Yet, away from such star-struck success, he has consistently continued with his work as a public architect of Seoul, yielding pivotal works such as Hangang Guardians and FS One. His work as social commentator and satirical comic has been widely exhibited, touching upon the themes of the paradoxical nature of capital-driven fast paced development in Asian cities, and the anachronistic concepts he identifies as prevalent within the contemporary Korean architectural scene.

Setting his works within Korea’s bustling, generic and fast-paced environments, flooded with dynamic visual information in the world’s most wired country, his conservative, yet luxurious and custom-made lifestyles are embodied in impressionable and sculptured concrete mass.


IDMM Architects
 3f, 43, Hannam-daero, Yongsan-gu, Seoul, Korea
Tel      02 553 8896
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IDMM Architects

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