Cabine Lille Arøya by Lund Hagem Architects


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Lille Arøya


Location : Lervik, Norway

Size : 75 m²

Year : 2014

Larvik Kommunes Byggeskikkpris 2016


Architects : Lund Hagem

Photo: Lael Aprieto, Kim Müller, Ivar Kvaal and Alexander Westberg, Courtesy of Lund Hagem

As a direct response to the location, the new house is located “next to” the island, occupying a low rock area that had no useful qualities apart from gathering up debris from surrounding areas.

The building creates a site on stilts that latches onto the island to unite the new with the old. The new surface is then occupied with two volumes, one low volume housing bedrooms and bathrooms, and one taller roof spanning across to create a shelter for kitchen, dining and living.

Floor levels undulate and respond to the joining rock and all circulation is outdoors. The timber structure is all visible and forms the exterior as well as the interior. Glulam beams span from inside to outside and together with raw steel columns and a white concrete fireplace and bathroom shape and colour the interior.

Solid galvanized steel columns (Ø64mm), which are drilled straight into the rock with no other foundation, carry the “new site” that the house sits on. The low volume is a simple post and beam structure, whereas the tall roof is a cantilevered structure carried on minimal posts with wind bracing solved at the gables in triangular elements in wood (also used for sun shading) that are bolted to the rock.

Lund Hagem




 Lund Hagem 

Lund Hagem is an architecture and urban design practice based in Oslo, Norway, founded in 1990.



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