Architecture Design Fourniture Lighting Residential

Seaside residential house, South Corsica by Vincent Coste architecte

Maison H2 • Corse •

Location : South Corsica, France

Area : 400 m2

Year : 2016


Architect : Vincent Coste

Associate architect : Bruno Flechet
Project Leader : Estelle Hondier

Structure : DVVD
Landscape design : Nicolas Bonnenfant / Coloco
Lighting : Studio by Night

Photographer : Florent Joliot

Vincent Coste Architecte


Founded in 2000, Vincent Coste Architecte is one of the leading firms specializing in contemporary architecture in the South of France. Located in the heart of Vincent Coste’s native Saint-Tropez, the practice offers comprehensive expertise. His core team (three DPLG architects, a designer from the Ecole Boulle, and an interior designer) is dedicated to design in all its related fields: architecture, interior, and furniture design, environmental design, and urbanism. The diverse portfolio reflects a strong interest in the design of iconic private residences and individual projects, many of them located in the Mediterranean, where after years abroad working for Rem Koolhaas /OMA and Oscar Tusquets Blanca, Vincent Coste now realizes his visions as a designer.Vincent Coste Architecte bundles passionate and complementary talents dedicated to the cutting edge of modern design and representation (3D design/image processing/3D prototyping),  supported by modern equipment, a continually updated material library, and a solid reference library.


Vincent Coste  architecte

32 impasses des conquettes

83990 Saint-Tropez

+33 4 98 12 65 33




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