CH House by BAAS arquitectura


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Location : La Garriga, Barcelone

Year : 2001-2002

Area : 300 m2

© Eugeni Pons

Architects: BAAS arquitectura

Project Team: Jordi Badia + Mercé Sangenís

Technical Architect: Forteza Carbonell Associats

Photography: © Eugeni Pons

© Eugeni Pons

Detached house built around a courtyard which commands the layout and separates the parents’ area from the children’s one. The house is closed at the sides which are closer to the neighbours and open where the garden is bigger and the view greater.

The house could be organized on a single floor but the great view suggests a study on the first floor with an expressive gesture that characterizes the image of the project.

Only two materials are used inside and outside: the colour white and wood.

BAAS arquitectura

© Eugeni Pons
© Eugeni Pons
© Eugeni Pons
© Eugeni Pons
© Eugeni Pons
© Eugeni Pons
© Eugeni Pons
© Eugeni Pons


© Eugeni Pons
© Eugeni Pons

 All images courtesy of BAAS arquitectura| © Eugeni Pons



BAAS arquitectura

BAAS arquitectura is an architecture, urban planning and interior design studio formed by an expert team of architects and designers who work along with an extensive network of highly-specialised consultants.

Founded in 1994, thanks to the many projects developed throughout these years the studio has gained vast experience that has earned it a host of prestigious Awards (FAD Awards, Ciutat de Barcelona 2009) and coverage in specialist journals (Architectural Review, El Croquis, A+U, Casabella, etc.)

The work carried out at BAAS arquitectura strive to meet and solve, simply but also sophisticatedly, the complex requirements that each project lays down by constructing useful and appropriate buildings to a high technical level and without eschewing the expressiveness and emotion that the finest architecture is capable of transmitting. Architecture that advocates the continuity of tradition and context whilst fully committed to respecting the environment.

On the past years BAAS arquitectura has acquired expertise in rehabilitation projects, both refurbishing existing office buildings as well as heritage listed constructions.

The studio divided into independent teams which carry out projects from the tender stage right through to their actual construction.

BAAS arquitectura has held ISO 9001 quality certification since 2007.


Montserrat de Casanovas 105
08032 Barcelona
Téléphone +34 93 358 01 11


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