TURQUETA Restaurants by Tarruella Trenchs Studio


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Location : Valencia, Spain

Surface : 380 m2

Year : 2016

Client : Grupo Saona

Creative direction : Tarruella Trenchs Studios
Project leader : Olga Pajares
Colaborators : Anna Torndelacreu

Photografy : Meritxell Arjalaguer


The new restaurant Turqueta belongs to Grupo Saona, and like all its premises, is characterized by creating spaces with a Minorcan soul and a very domestic ambience. This Atmosphere has been enhanced, increasing both comfort and its culinary offer.

We worked with both natural colors and traditional materials so that the diner feels comfortable in all the spaces.

The strength of the project has been to reinforce this idea of having a patio on the rear of the premises. An existing  skylight has been kept and a new sunken courtyard  has been made at the end of the adjacent room to enhance the entrance of natural light. The outdoor furniture, together with a lush vegetation, and the natural hurdle ceiling recreate a porch-like atmosphere.

The central volumen, cladded with oak wood boards, works as a central point among all the interior rooms, and it embraces both the kitchen and BOH zones.

The bar located at the entrance, stands out for having two levels and the back contains a set of mirror angles and rear linear lighting, achieving a very sophisticated effect with very simple elements.

Particular elements in the rooms, is what differentiates them from the rest to energize the restaurant. We have placed handmade ceramic plates made by of two potters, and a wall of reclaimed Majorcan doors in shades of blue and traditional hats from the island.

Tarruella Trenchs Studio

All images courtesy of Tarruella Trenchs Studio

Tarruella Trenchs Studios

Tarruella Trenchs Studio
Madrazo 83, Entl. 2ª, 08006 Barcelona (España)
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Sandra Tarruella and Ricard Trenchs have a combined 40 years of project management and interior design experience and have personally worked on and overseen well over 100 projects, some of which have created a great impact in both the media and in the design community. They have been awarded some of the industries highest accolades and have been recognised not only in the media, but also in the hospitality and design press and used as a resource for conferences & lectures. They lead a youthful team that includes designers and professionals from varying disciplines and have positioned the firm as an interior design reference both in Spain and internationally.

Sandra Tarruella began her career in 1984 with the design of El Mordisco, the first restaurant founded by Grupo Tragaluz Restaurants. In 1992 she founded her

first studio, Tarruella-Lopez, which she successfully ran until 2009 at which time, with the help of Ricard Trenchs, she opened Sandra Tarruella Interioristas. Ricard Trenchs is a skilled architect and designer with a knack for team building and project management and Sandra recognized these skills early in Ricard´s career and entrusted him as Managing Director of Sandra Tarruella Interioristas from its inception. They have worked together now for 12 years and are very proud to announce that the company will officially incorporate Ricard Trenchs into the brand to form Tarruella Trenchs Studio.Tarruella Trenchs Studio offers a variety of services and works with a team of collaborators and reliable contractors that covers all phases of project development, from initiation until the end of the construction process (including but not limited to: architecture, interior design, graphic design, naming, merchandising, landscaping and all things related to the technical side of things from budgets to permits).

Tarruella Trenchs Studios




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