Westport Pool House by SPAN Architects

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Location: Westport, Connecticut, US

Architects: SPAN Architects

Photography: © François Dischinger

Westport Pool House_1
© François Dischinger

The owner’s brief for the project included a new pool and pool house with koi pond, hot tub, exterior stone fireplace, as well as a landscape and garden master plan to be sited on a property with an existing house. Our design creates a semi-enclosed pool house that situates itself as an alternate al-fresco living area to that of the main residence, drawing on material cues from the context.

A fragmented stonewall forms the foundation for a series of 40′-0″ long cedar pergola beams. The wall references the materiality of the existing stone house and landscape walls already found on the property. The beams frame an interior/exterior series of spaces including a changing room, sitting room, shower, dining area, and living room, of which only the changing room and shower are fully weatherized. The sitting room is a contentious space capable of being enclosed or fully opened to the exterior through a series of sliding wood and glass walls. The pool, hot tub and koi pond (all of which have differing thermal, ph and salinity requirements) are not treated as separate entities, but are arrayed to appear as a single body of water and frame the path to the pool house, appearing to bring one over and across the water.

SPAN Architecture

Westport Pool House_8
© François Dischinger
Westport Pool House_1
© François Dischinger
© François Dischinger
Westport Pool House_4
© François Dischinger
Westport Pool House_5
© François Dischinger
Westport Pool House_3
© François Dischinger
© François Dischinger
Westport Pool House_6
© François Dischinger
Westport Pool House_7
© François Dischinger

SPAN Architecture

SPAN Architecture LLC  brings together a diverse array of experiences and interests as practitioners, teachers, artists, and theorists.  The studios award-winning work combines thoughtful and inventive conceptual design with technological innovation and creative material application.  The studio thrives on the ability to work with client partners, design teams, technicians and artisans to bring these ideas to fruition. Above all else, SPAN shares a deep appreciation and reverence for architecture that guides their pursuit of creating superlative work.


Karen Stonely, AIA LEED AP BD+C

Peter Pelsinski, AIA LEED AP BD+C


Jean-Gabriel Neukomm, RA


Andrea E Knox, RA LEED AP BD+C


Anastasia Papadi, RA – EU

Jacqueline Shaw


Lisa Dang

  • DeMar Jones
  • Elvin Chan
  • Laura Pembroke
  • Hyun-Young Sung
  • Heriberto Rodriguez Valenzuela
  • Eugenia Yu


SPAN Architecture

11 Broadway Suite 1500
New York, NY 10004
T 212 732 7012




 SPAN Architects


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