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Vista Prahran by LSA Architects


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Location: Melbourne, Australia

Year: 2016


Architects: LSA Architects 

Photography by John Wheatly

LSA Architects


Linda Simons | Principal

Linda Simons | Principal

Linda is a graduate of Melbourne University, a Registered Architect and member of the Australian Institute of Architects.  Linda has travelled extensively including living in Singapore, Tanzania, Munich and Australia.  She mixes this wealth of life experience with over sixteen years of practical architectural experience.  Linda is proficient in all aspects of architectural services and has worked closely with some of Melbourne’s leading interior and landscape architects.  Having always directed her own company, now as sole principal she is excited about future projects which include residential, commercial, hospitality and multi-unit developments.


LSA Office

13 Claremont Avenue
Malvern, VIC 3144
Phone: 03 9533 8633
Fax: 03 9509 3603


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