Rocksplit, Kea Island, Greece – Cometa Architects

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Location: Kea Island, The Cyclades, Greece
Size: 150 m²
Typology: Residential Architecture
Client: Private
Year: 2015


Architects: COMETA Architects cometa architects

Architect partner
in Building License Stage: Betty Tsaousi
Structural Engineer: Vasilios Vakis
Contractor: Nikos Zoulamopoulos

Photos: Dimitris Kleanthis

A summerhouse in Greece developed for the Mediterranean climate, using local materials and sustainable energy saving methods

The steep ground and the plot’s narrow dimensions determine the pronounced and gradient form of the building which rises from the mountain and over the valley of Poisses, to finally balance itself with the surrounding traditional dwellings and the natural context.

The secondary home of a family of four, spreads through 3 volumes which clearly can defined as the seating & kitchen volume, the circulation  tower and the sleeping & storaging volume.  The principal material chosen is the local stone, carefully crafted against the horizontal micro-cement surfaces.

The experience of the Cycladic landscape is the design’s main concern, expressed through the spatial evolution and relationship of the building with the dramatic land.  This is achieved through the traditional method of construction  called “kotounto”, a dry, humid-free space between the rock and the building. In such a way, the external spaces, a continuous perimetrical ‘kotoundo’  makes the building sometimes trying to break away from the rock and sometimes to reconcile with it.

Apart from this traditional tecnique  of which is principlally used to drain the waters coming from the mountains, leaving walls and foundations dry, the house includes in its design an under-floor heating installation  which is generated by the solar heaters installed in the roof. The cooling is achieved from cross ventilation and also an additional under-floor cooling is provided.  Finally, the rainwater is collected in the 3 rooftops and stored in an underground reservoir.

cometa architects

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Cometa Architects

Established by Faidra Matziaraki & Víctor Gonzalez Martí in 2012, Cometa Architects is a Barcelona based practice of exciting, energetic & dedicated architects committed to the creativity of designing and the process of construction.

Cometa’s experience extends from interiors and product design to cooperation and sustainability and focuses on delivering exceptional design from innovative concept to project management and construction.

The work is based on the responsive relationships built with the clients, collaborators and staff, which evolves through a process of continuous production and feedback. Part of the office’s work is dedicated to research, bespoke design making and prototyping.

Cometa’s approach to architecture ties together the up-to-date craftsmanship, materials and new sustainable technologies with the physical economic and social qualities of the given site, always reflecting the client’s budgets, needs and desires.

Víctor González Martí (Barcelona, Spain) studied Architecture at University Polytechnic Catalonia (UPC) in Barcelona, where he graduated with Distinction, in 2010. His final year Thesis was presented in various national exhibitions and he won a scholarship at Barcelona Glass Foundation.

Throughout the years, Victor has worked for renowned architectural offices based in Barcelona, such as Brullet De Luna Arquitectes, where he got involved in large-scale projects. During the last 4 years, Victor has been the director of TC-Interiors, an adjacent interiors design company with 40 years of experience. He has been responsible for the design and management, accomplishing more than 15 small-scale renovations.

In 2012 he has been invited as guest critic of the FAD’s jury of ‘Racons’ Annual Competition.

Faidra Andriana Matziaraki (Athens, Greece) studied Architecture in University of Manchester, UK (BA Honors), University of Edinburgh, UK (March) 2004, where she graduated with Distinction. She won several student awards & honors. She completed her Masters Degree in Emergency Sustainable Architecture at International University of Catalonia, Spain in 2011.

Faidra among other practices has worked for Richard Rogers Partnership in London during 3 years (2005-2007), where she received valuable experience. In parallel, she worked for Non Governmental Organizations such as ECOWEEK, where she was the Head Organizer for the ‘Architecture, Sustainability & Community International Conference and Workshops’ (2009-2011). She also collaborated with Green Belt Movement, Nairobi Kenya for an environmental visiting center and she worked for a school reconstruction in Port Au Prince Haiti with Basic Initiative.

Faidra is a registered Architect in T.E.E Chamber of Architects, Greece

Other collaborations: Betty Tsaousi Architect (March University of Strathclyde in Glasgow).


Cometa Architects

Joan Guell, 54 ( TC-Interiors)
08028 Barcelona

Telf.: +34 93 339 38 29
Fax.: +34 93 339 38 29

VISIT cometa architects


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