Croatia, reconstruction of a stone house by TOBIS-ENGINEERING

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 Villa Martinuzzi

Giuseppine Martinuzzi 32
Pula, 52100, Croatia – EU:
+385 91 228 2224Telephone:
+385 91 202 9618

Location: Pula, Croatia

Area: 300 m2

Year: 2014


Architects: TOBIS inzenjering

Project Architect: Nataša Jozipović

Interior design: Boris Ružić

Photograps: Vjekoslav Skledar

All photos © Vjekoslav Skledar


Architecture firm TOBIS-ENGINEERING LLC was founded in 1994 in Zadar and is practicing constantly ever since. Our office operates in two locations- in Zadar, Zagreb and Biograd.

TOBIS-ENGINEERING is a team of licensed architects, licensed civil construction engineers, bachelors of civil engineering and architecture, landscape architecture graduate engineers and architects and licensed court expert in construction. This team cooperates with a large number of associates which covers all the needs of investors.



Studio with a branch in Zadar
Siroka ulica 2
23000  Zadar
Telefono: 38523315716

VISIT tobis
VISIT Villa Martinuzzi

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