Arcadia Street, Coogee Residence by Luchetti Krelle Architects

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Location: Arcadia Street, Coogee, Australia

Year: 2015

Architects: Luchetti Krelle

LuchettiKrelle_ArcadiaSt_576 (2)










Images Courtesy of Luchetti Krelle 

Luchetti Krelle 


Luchetti Krelle is an award winning Sydney based, architecture and interior design firm established by Stuart Krelle and Rachel Luchetti. Although Luchetti Krelle maintains a diverse portfolio, its primary focus is in the hospitality sector.

As the various disciplines of design often overlap and integrate, Luchetti Krelle endeavours to offer a total concept; this includes branding and identity design, customised furniture and fitting design, salvaging and appropriation and even sourcing site locations. The result is unique and customised spaces that respond to client briefs and anticipate future trends whilst acknowledging current international design styles.

Luchetti Krelle’s focus on developing a strong relationship with the client allows for a collaborative and dynamic design process and the ability to offer a committed and personalised approach to each project. This designer/client relationship is fostered from conception to completion of projects through the various stages of the concept design, documentation, tendering and project management process.

Luchetti Krelle’s success can be attributed to the company’s commitment to extending itself beyond expectations to achieve a character and tone that fits perfectly with each design brief.


Luchetti Krelle Pty Ltd
56 Cooper Street
Surry Hills NSW 2010
+61 2 9699 3425


 Luchetti Krelle

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