Concrete House in Toronto by Angela Tsementzis Architect


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Location: Toronto, Canada

Area: 380 m2

Architect: Angela Tsementzis
Photography by Bob Gundu and Colin Faulkner

The cantilevered structure of the Concrete House responds to the zoning and physical contraints of the ravine site and to the owners’ requirements to connect indoor and outdoor spaces.

The footprint of the lower floor is minimized to maintain the setback from the stable top of slope while the middle volume extends towards the ravine, placing the main living spaces within the treetops. Board formed concrete is the predominant finish in the house and is achieved through a system of cast in place concrete sandwich panels which allows the entire wall assembly to be completedin in a single casting.

Angela Tsementzis


Angela Tsementzis Architect

Angela Tsementzis Architect was established in 2010 by principal Angela Tsementzis. Her work encompasses the full sensorial experience. She crafts light, shadow and space to create a memorable, narrative path through a building. Her work uses tactile, texture rich materials that are tantalizing to the eyes and inviting to the touch.

Siting is another prime consideration, encouraging visitors to be immersed in the singularity of the locale secludes perches where one can contemplate the rustling of the trees and the ever changing foliage beyond.

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