Croatia, House B&R by ECOING

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Location: Ražanj, Croatia

Project Type:  holiday home

Area: 370 m2

Year: 2016

Architects: ECOING

Architect in Charge: Ivana Dabrović

Project Team: Maja Tutavac

Photographs: Marko Ercegović, Vojo Bašić

ecoing_houseBR_01-2880ecoing_houseBR_02-2880ecoing_houseBR_03-2880ecoing_houseBR_04-2880ecoing_houseBR_05-2880ecoing_houseBR_06-2880ecoing_houseBR_07-2880ecoing_houseBR_08-2880ecoing_houseBR_09-2880ecoing_houseBR_13-2880Razanj, 20.07.2016- Vila koju se projektirala Ivana Dabrovicecoing_houseBR_11-2880ecoing_houseBR_12-2880ecoing_houseBR_14-2880ecoing_houseBR_15-2880ecoing_houseBR_16-2880

All images Courtesy of ECOING





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