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Private house in Cēsis by OUTOFBOX & LOLOT DESIGN

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Location: Cēsis, Latvia
Client: Private
Size: 240 m2
Year: 2015-2016


Architects: OUTOFBOX

Team: Pēteris Bajārs (Architect), Toms Loris (Architect Assistant), Santa Meikulāne (Interior Designer), Zane Kubiloviča (Project Assistant)
Photo: Māris Ločmelis


Hills and dales do not form your typical Latvian landscape, which is why this holiday house in Cēsis was created with maximum respect for the unique relief of the ancient Gauja river valley. This variation in levels made it possible to position the building on the steep river bank so that it invariably looks different, regardless of your point of view. Secluded out of respect for the client’s desire for privacy, the roadside facade is only visible up to a height of one and a half floors. In contrast, one can decipher each and every function of the building through the expansive glazing of the three-floor southern facade.


All images courtesy of OUTOFBOX





Pēteris Bajārs
Architect, Founder

For some of us, the sky is not the limit. For some of us, freedom is a step outside the comfort zone. For some, impossible is possible. That’s where OUTOFBOX was born. To approach architecture, design and interior in a more delicate and sensible way. Always seeking more. Instead of drawing ambitious building skins, we seek for THE PLACE. Instead of following strict rules, we try to think outside the box. We are OUTOFBOX.

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+371 2 9178787
+371 6 7224663

Elizabetes iela 7-2, Rīga,
LV1010, Latvija



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