Štajnhouse by ORA Atelier Znojmo

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Location: Alfonse Muchy 13/300, 692 01, Mikulov, Česko

Year: 2017


Architects: ORA Atelier Znojmo –  Jan Hora, Jan Veisser and Barbara Hora

Detailed structural orientation and mapping: AGM-GEO geodesists

Preparatory sketch and study: architect Jaroslav Šimek of ARCHIZONE Architects Ltd

Structural engineering: Dalibor Klusáček of OK Atelier Ltd

Original stucco renovation technological procedure consultancy and supervision: architect Jan Bárta

Stucco restoration: academic painter Jan Knorr

Photographer: Jakub Skokan and Martin Tůma of BoysPlayNice photo studio

The ŠTAJNHAUS has not been a project, the ŠTAJNHAUS has been a process. This house with a Renaissance core stands right at the foot of the chateau hill, in the former Jewish quarter of Mikulov (a. k. a. Nikolsburg). Throughout its existence it has suffered a great many scars, it has gone through tens of reconstructions and operations. All of these have altered the house beyond recognition. Yet it has maintained its almost medieval picturesqueness.

We came to a “pudding stone”. The more individual layers, spaces and surprising circumstances we uncovered, the more revisions and alterations our project we had to make in our project; and this lasted, in fact, until the end of realisation. In the beginning we did not have a clue where we would come to in the end.

We were looking for a limit what time we could come back to and for a point when we should rather go on a new journey. But we still wanted to preserve the house as an organic unit. You will not find a straight wall or a rectangular opening in the house, so we had to reinvent and remake to measure all the elements, which the investor was compliant with.

Originally, our job was just interior design. Gradually, however, we realized that the interior and exterior could not be solved separately, as the space and the shapes tend to blend together and create an indivisible unit.

The house has been reconstructed for the needs of a guest house, a part of it will be used as a private flat of the owner. Each room is unique, each has its own specific atmosphere. And there are wine cellars under the house, which have come back to their original use.

ORA Atelier Znojmo

All images Courtesy of ŠTAJNHAUS


ORA Atelier Znojmo


Rooseveltova 836/6

Znojmo, 669 02

Ivana Olbrachta 111

Trutnov, 541 01

+420 776 760 280

+420 728 991 916

+420 724 760 810


Alfonse Muchy 13 / 300

692 01 Mikulov

Tel.: 518 324 106


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