Where the Eagles live by WILLL Architektur

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Location: Vienna,  Austria

Year: 2016

Architects: WILLL Architektur

Photographer: Paul Ott

How the scenery of the house also makes sky and stars visible

The inconspicuous form, embedded into the landscape, overlooks a one hundred and fifty kilometre panoramic view.

Upon arrival, a private road approaches the expansive southeast facing slope upon which the house sits. Directly adjacent, the settlement boasts a grove of fruit trees and a picturesque horizontal meadow. Beyond the western façade the land ends with a natural pond intended for swimming.

Through subtle gestures, dark tones from the exterior walls unfold into the landscape. There is direct connection between the permeable nature of the interior space, and what lies outside. A proportional interplay between transparent elements and weighted cantilever, all contribute towards a composed whole. Given the surroundings, glazed incisions cut into the form provide individually considered framed views across the landscape.

Towards the back of the alluring structure pierced into the slope, an atrium draws light into a comforting space, casting mellow shadows, that transpose in response to solar positioning throughout the day. It’s neighbouring accommodation includes the entrance, dressing-room, guestroom and relaxation room. From the relaxation room, one’s eye is drawn towards the sky through what is a 45 degree wing-shaped, mirrored artefact. Whilst the mood subtly changes with passing clouds, the atmosphere is somewhat life-like.

The bath house, located southwest of the house, is exposed and in conversation via an openable glazed façade, with the aforementioned natural swimming pond and garden. Said conversation is assisted with a wooden sun-deck, and surpassing this begins the fifteen meter long pool intended to endure even the more disciplined athletes. Seamless channelling allows sky and water to meet.

Within the design of this unique structure, it was paramount that living space, such as lounge seating with fire place, were orientated toward the panoramic. Diagonally adjacent, the lounge is served by a kitchen space. Both of which are created in response to the cantilevered terrace above. Openable glazed corner fenestration from the kitchen and living space, allow for a semi-outdoor transformation during summer months. A wall reflecting light through a glass roof above the five meter high lounge area maximises late evening sun.

The upper floor is dedicated to private usage, yet exposed to nature. A master bath and bedroom face a secluded atrium, whereby glazing can be pulled apart. When pulled apart, sleeping arrangements are exposed to the open air, and a morning walk to the bathroom is conducted under the sky. Propped up by a five square meter piece of glass, the master bedroom ceiling is four meters high and tilted to 29 degrees. The client’s request was to stargaze before sleeping.


WILLL Architektur

All images courtesy of WILLL Architektur

WILLL Architektur ZT GmbH

Barbara Will


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